Sunday 20 July 2014

Audiobook Reviews: The Too Far Series by Abbi Glines

Do you ever read the first book in a series and not particularly like it, but you keep reading the series anyway? And then you read the second and you still don't really enjoy it, but for some reason that you can't quite explain you keep going? Until you reach the third in the series, or worse even the fourth? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Yeah so that's what happened with the Too Far series for me. I picked up the first one, Fallen Too Far, when it was for sale on Audible. The sample sounded OK and I had a vague impression that Abbi Glines is an author I'd enjoy. People I follow seemed to like her. So I listened and look, it was entertaining. The narrator was quite good and the story itself was a bit of trashy fun. It's about Blaire, an innocent girl (coz there's no other kinds of girls in romance apparently) who goes to stay with her new step-brother after her mother passes away. You can see where this is going, right? There were parts that annoyed the crap out of me (hello, insta-love, characters not acting their age, guys acting possessive, ridiculous melodrama, etc), but I can admit I still enjoyed the book overall. The chemistry between the two main characters was pretty sizzling and the sex scenes were hot. With the exception of one which was distractingly annoying but also significant to the plot which in turn made me want to bang my head against the wall...

So yeah. The first book was fun enough but also annoying and I knew the series would probably get more annoying as it went on. But maybe a small part of me hoped it would get better, I don't know, because I continued anyway. Next I went with Rush Too Far which is Fallen Too Far told from the perspective of the love interest, Rush. It is testimony to how hot the chemistry is that I endured the exact same story, with the exact same dialogue and only a few new scenes, all over again. Rush annoyed me more here than he did in Fallen Too Far, what with being in his head the whole time. He showed the first signs of hardcore possessiveness, and I should have known it would only get worse.

Boy, did it get worse. Never Too Far and Forever Too Far, the second and third books in the series (technically Rush Too Far is the fourth I think), alternate between Rush's and Blaire's points of view. Blaire is annoying as hell and does some really really silly things, but Rush was just unbearable. He is so freaking possessive and controlling, handling Blaire like a doll, obsessing over what she eats, what she wears, who she talks to... and Blaire is all "lol aw so cute and caring". HONEY NO. This is some fucked up shit right here. And ugh, all the family drama was so tedious, and the way each character handled said drama was ridiculous and unrealistic and plain stupid.

All that being said I was still tempted to continue the series because the focus shifts to other characters and I'm nothing if not optimistic/a masochist apparently. But after reading reviews and seeing the other guys in the following books are even MORE possessive than Rush I just couldn't do that to myself.

I am now pretty baffled by the popularity of Abbi Glines. A few hot scenes does not make up for all the idiocy and awfulness that surrounds them. And there is so, so much. Blergh.


Fallen Too Far: 3/5
Rush Too Far: 2.5/5
Never Too Far: 2/5
Forever Too Far: 1.5/5


  1. HAHA. This is the worst! It's an ongoing struggle that has taught me to be much more selective about the series I read. Sort of. (Like I said, it's an ongoing struggle, ha.)

    1. Haha yeah I feel like I'm more selective but then sometimes if it's short I'll be like what the hell...

  2. I'm trying to think of a series that I didn't really like but kept going with.... I can't think of any right now!

    I love how your ratings got lower and lower! The possessiveness and the controlling, bullying behaviour sounds so, so bad :/ I am tempted to read the first but maybe I'd be better off if I don't :))

    Mands @ The Bookish Manicurist

    1. I do it way too often! I'm trying to get better at cutting off if I don't enjoy it haha.
      The first is kinda entertaining so I wouldn't say don't read that but ugh the it just gets worse and worse, as you can tell ;))

  3. There was a ice hockey romance novel series that I read on Kindle when I was in America last year. I read a few different authors during my ice hockey romance novel obsession and some were great but this one author...the first book was cute and then the second book was slightly less cute but by the third and fourth I was like WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?!?!!? THIS ISN'T NORMAL AND YOU NEED TO STOP.

    1. I didn't even know ice hockey romance novels were a Thing!

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