Thursday 21 November 2013

The Movie Was Amazeballs: Catching Fire

Omigod, you guys. Catching Fire was amazing. 

Going into it, I was a little nervous, because Catching Fire is my favourite book in the series and I hoped the movie would be great, too.

But I loved the first movie, so more than anything I was really, really, excited.

The opening with Katniss and Gale, connecting back with the first movie, was great.

Then the Victor's Village was perfect.

President Snow was so deliciously creepy.

The tension between Peeta and Katniss was great.

Peeta my bby.

The Victor's tour was heart-wrenching.

There were some sweet and funny moments though.

And then, OMG...

Poor Gale.

Poor Katniss.

Poor Peeta.

Poor Effie.

But then there was Finnick.

And Johanna.

And Mags and Nuts and Bolts.

Katniss was totally impressive.

But Peeta stole the show.

Then there was some sweetness.

Followed by a big whammy of heartbreak.

It was Quarter Quell time.

And I was all...

And then...

Then it was like...


With a bit of...

And some more...

Finally it was like...

With some of this...

Then it was like...

With a bit more...

Then at the end I was like...

And it was over and I was all...

And now I'm ready to watch it again.


  1. Ha ha this post was hilarious and made me SO excited to see the movie! Going tonight, woot woot!
    Cait @ Book Love

  2. I'm glad you loved it so much! It's amusing, because I'm pretty sure it's come out a day early in Australia, because the World Wide release used to be the 22nd. Perhaps it changed, though.

  3. I can not wait to see this!!! Awesome photo review.

  4. This made me day <3
    I must watch Catching Fire already!