Wednesday 23 March 2011

Bookish Fun: Hot Guys Reading Books

I love this site. It's a Tumblr devoted entirely to images of hot guys reading books. What could be better than that? OK, so some of the guys aren't exactly what I'd call hot, but even their looks are somewhat improved thanks to the books they're holding. I think they're onto something... so I went on an intensive Google image search for further evidence. Let me tell you, it was hard work. Ahem. Look what I found!

Excuse me while I go wipe the drool off my keyboard...


  1. oh my goodness! Thank you SO much for that information. It's true, guys can be cute but their cred goes up so much higher with a book!! *squeee* I totally am looking up that website!

  2. Oh. they need one with andrew garfield, then my life would be complete. *swoon*

  3. I know! I think I originally tried to find one and couldn't, just check again and still no luck. I did, however, find this...