Thursday 1 March 2012

February in Review


I'm sad to see the end of summer; I feel like we barely experienced it this year (damn you, rain!). February was another slow month on the blog for me - this pesky thing called real life kept getting in the way. On the plus side, I started my writing course a couple of weeks ago, and it's kinda daunting but also totally inspiring. At any given moment, my thoughts swing between "I can actually do this! I can totally write a novel!" to "What's the point in even trying, I'll never be able to do it..." Yeah, that's my crazy head - but either way it's a lot of fun. Seriously, I got way too excited over receiving the course reader. It feels good to be a student again. Here's what I got up to on the blog...

I read...
I featured reading icons...
I listed my top five...
Other fun stuff: Tom Mackee was my book boyfriend; I discovered some lovely bookish gifts; Watched the impressive Finnick and Annie fan-made web series; and admired Oona Patterson's bookish art.

How was your February? Did you do anything exciting for the leap day? (I spent it home sick, watching Pillars of the Earth. Fun times.)


  1. Thanks again for sharing that Finnick and Annie fan-made web series. I really enjoyed it and so did my sister!

    And sorry to hear you were sick, but at least you got Pillars out of the way. I've been meaning to watch that forever now. One day. LOL

    Great February, Belle.

    P.S. Tom is mine. :)

    1. Have you read the book? I was intimidated by the size so I did the heathen thing and just watched the TV series instead. It was OK, not sure how similar it is to the book.
      Tom is miiiine. OK, OK, you can have Tom, and I'll keep Jonah. :D

  2. Good luck on your writing course - hope it's amazing and you get what you want out of it!

    Can't wait to start On The Jellicoe Road.

    1. Thanks! Can't wait to see what you think of it!