Wednesday 13 February 2013

Bookish Buys: Drying The Dishes In Style

I can't believe I'm doing a post about teatowels, but I found some awesome book-related ones, so I thought why not! If you've got to dry the dishes, you may as well do it with something fun. Although some of these are almost too cool to use...

I Capture the Castle

Costume drama "dishes I'd rather be doing"

Read more books

Alice in Wonderland

Book lover

Literary map of Britain


Popular Penguin

"She is too fond of books..."

The Canterville Ghost


  1. A Scrabble tea towel? OMG I need one for my house and one for my in laws.

  2. Ohhhh, tea towel edition--I love it! I especially like the Costume Drama and Penguin ones. And Alice. And Canterville. And...

    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden

  3. Oh that Scrabble tea towel is too cute!

  4. I would just display these and never use them...I figure it is ok because I hate doing the dishes anyway.

  5. I think I like the England map one best of all :)

    Great post, btw! So fun !!

  6. I Capture the Castle! SQUEEEE!

  7. Adding something bookish makes everything better -- even dish towels!

  8. Those are tea/dish towels?! YOWZA! They are awesome! I want the scrabble one, the AIW one, I want ALL of them now!
    I took an old-ish bath towel and cut it into dish towel sized pieces. lolz. I think I need an upgrade.
    I'll show these to hubby and see if he takes the hint. Ill promise to not complain about the dishes.
    If no Ill buy them myself :)
    I also notice that our names are almost identical, I wish I knew you before I did my re name *blushes*
    My blog is named after my rescued pitt bull Bella and as an homage to Bella Swan. I know a tad silly, but I'm a sentimental type.
    Glad to be a new follower to your blog :)

    1. Thanks for following! Our names are very similar! Yours has a nice story :)