Friday 1 February 2013

Friday Link Dump: Game of Thrones, Lizzie Bennet and Liz Lemon

-I can't freaking wait for Game of Thrones season 3, and these pics only made me more excited.

-It's been a massive week in The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. The Lydia drama has finally come to a head and the fandom is an emotional wreck. On the positive side, there's this behind-the-scenes look at the show and fantastic interviews with the creators, as well as Ashley Clements' new Tumblr about how she picks each Lizzie outfit.

-Here's how the world celebrated Pride and Prejudice's 200th anniversary earlier this week. I think Cadbury did it best.

-Chloe Moretz is going to star in the adaptation of If I Stay and I'm excited. I can't wait to see who is cast as Adam...

-Apparently, Mean Girls can be mashed up with anything - including Les Miserables. Amazing.

-Have you watched Disney's Paperman short yet? If not, you totally should. It's beautiful. 

-This is a handy guide to what glasses to use with certain beverages, but who has room for that many kinds of glasses?! Not me, anyway.

-30 Rock has come to an end (sob!) and the internet has been commemorating. Some of my fave posts include 11 life lessons you can learn from Liz Lemon plus the most important lessons from the show itself. And, of course, this collection of Liz Lemon reaction gifs.

-The best moments from the Ellen show will make you smile.

-These tea bag cookies are adorable! I'm obsessed.

-Beyonce and her amazing dance moves are absolutely mesmerising in this gif collection.

-This list of the dumbest things ever said on the internet could make you feel better about your day. Or it could make you want to leave the planet.

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-I reviewed Graffiti Moon by Cath Crowley, plus Glitter Kiss by Adrianne Ambrose and Ghosting by Keith Gray.


  1. HA! Still laughing at the Les Mean photo.

    I totally want a Moscow Mule cup now.

    Those cookies are splendid looking! (btw sweetie the link isn't working)

  2. I saw those Game of Thrones photos too and got all excited! It's hard to see some of my favorite shows disappearing soon (30 Rock, The Office, HIMYM) but at least AMC and HBO appear to be still turning out decent programs!

    1. It seems to be all the sitcoms are ending! Hopefully some good ones start.

  3. Awesome list! I especially loved Les Mean Girls, as I really need to watch mean Girls again-such a great film!

    1. I know, I can rewatch that movie endlessly.

  4. I just watched Paperman - tears!!! That was so sweet, thanks for sharing the link :)