Friday 8 March 2013

Friday Link Dump: The Golden Girls, Old School Slang and Lego Hogwarts

-Buzzfeed has an awesome round-up of bookish memes, games and other online fun.

-A Lego Hogwarts: I want to go to there. 

-Miniature houses built in to books are as adorable as they sound.

-This designer's matchbox-style edition of Fahrenheit 451 is amazing.

-This A-Z of 1920s slang is pretty nifty!

-Art history in GIF form. Brillaint.

-The Golden Girls around the world: still awesome.

-Cutest. Tumblrs. Ever.

-Speaking of cute - this is one quiz you'll want to take!

-I thought this ad was the greatest thing I had seen all week, until I discovered the Pony Mixer. Hours of entertainment. And hours.

P.S. This week marks the two year anniversary of my blog! Yay!


  1. Congrats on 2 years! What an accomplishment!

  2. 2 years? Congratulations :D

    Lego awesomeness!

    I LOVE the book houses and 1920s slang. I'm sooo saving the slang link for future reference. I love using old words. I knew quite a few but some were new to me. :) Thanks for the link.

    Those Dutch Golden Girls are hysterical. They don't seem real. Like I kept expecting it to be a Saturday Night Live spoof.

    That pony is the best. I love it. Made my day. I had fun making several of my own.