Friday 26 April 2013

Friday Link Dump: Movie Trailers, Videobombs and Racism in Harry Potter

-I love comparing books to their movie adaptations, so I was very excited to find a whole site dedicated to the subject. 

-Is Harry Potter racist? Here's a thought-provoking (and entertaining) interpretation. 

-Melina Marchetta is answering fan questions on Goodreads and it's amazing.

-In my obsessive Game of Thrones googling I came across an interesting fan theory about Talisa and it blew my mind a little bit (mild spoilers for season three). Meanwhile, this interactive Kingsroad map provides a fun way to recap the series so far.

-Famous characters as narwhals makes for surprisingly awesome artwork.

-So many movies are coming out soon that I'm so excited for: Man of Steel, Romeo and Juliet, Tiger Eyes, Thor: The Dark World and of course Catching Fire!

-These History Channel promos featuring blended past and present photographs are amazeballs.

-This Yelp user writes all his reviews in song form. Lulz.

-My brain is a scumbug. At least I can laugh about it thanks to this Tumblr.

-Videobombs. Like photobombs, but way more awesome.

-If this puppy post doesn't kill you with cuteness, then this one definitely will. Then this one will bring you back from the dead, just in time for this one to slay you again with its adorableness.


  1. Consider me slain by puppy cuteness. Aaaaand, I'm done. Happy weekend, Belle!

  2. I read the HP/racism article, although I didn't watch her video. I think she was reaching a bit too far with her claims. Sure Cho was in the "nerdy" house, but we never hear anything about her being nerdy. Instead we see her as a quidditch star and as someone who fights in the DA. Plus, one of the Patil twins was in Gryffindor, the non-nerdy house. I can't remember if the other twin was in Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff.

    1. Good points! It's an interesting discussion.

  3. You're right...dying of puppy cuteness right now. Do you subscribe to Daily Puppy?

  4. I love your links! I really enjoyed the History channel "Know Where you Stand" that is amazing!


  5. Oh Belle, you find the best links each week! The videobombs had me laughing and the History Channel photos are amazing!

  6. Your links are a welcome source of procrastination. Seriously, it's like the rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland!

    re: HP and racism, I mean, I guess? I consider failing to include POC an unfortunate fact of society, and not specifically racist. What would be more interesting (i think) is asking why there aren't more POC, was it that JKR didn't know how to write them (since there's a lot of debate about appropriating voice) or she didn't realise until later that "oh look, my cast are all white?" or something else?

    I didn't particularly like the poem (it was too much shouting and cheering, couldn't really hear it) but I really liked the second video. Interesting chick.

  7. I can not wait for a new R&J either!

    Whoa that Know Where You Stand is beyond awesome.