Friday, 30 August 2013

Friday Link Dump: GIFs, The Princess Bride and Pretty Little Liars

-Because I totally don't spend enough time online (ahem), I went and started a new Tumblr. Full of GIFs! For all your GIF reaction needs. (Tumblr)

-I used to think my uni was pretty. Then I saw these Harry Potter-esque campuses. They shit all over the Duckpond Lawn at UOW. (BuzzFeed)

-I wish I could go to an awesome event like The Princess Bride with live commentary. At least I have bloggers to fill me in. (EW)

-The problem with "strong" female characters. Very thought-provoking. (New Statesmen)

-Some inside info on the big twist in Pretty Little Liars. I'm still thinking about it. (TV Line)

-John Green's latest vlog gave a sneaky look on the The Fault in Our Stars movie set. I still need to read that book. (YouTube)

-I kinda want these Lego libraries. (Book Riot)

-So John Stamos has a new web series in which he interviews celebs... about how they lost their virginity. Weird. But I will watch the shit out of it. (Junkee)

-Creative things you can do with your Instagram photos. If only mine were good enough to actually print. (BuzzFeed)

-This BuzzFeed list is me. It's scary but also kinda reassuring. (BuzzFeed)

-Animals jumping on trampolines. You're welcome. (BuzzFeed)

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