Friday, 2 August 2013

Friday Link Dump: Game of Thrones Costumes, Bunny Island and Drunk Amy Poehler

-I love this discussion of the hairstyles on Game of Thrones and what they indicate about the characters. Meanwhile, here are some how-tos on emulating those styles. And here is how the talented costume embroiderer created some of the iconic pieces.

-J. K. Rowling talks to Goodreads about how she crafts characters, and reveals more fascinating information on the Robert Galbraith website.

-BuzzFeed lists 19 book cover cliches that should probably go away now. 

-Tweeting Mr Thornton quotes and pictures all day, Thornton Bot is my new fave Twitter.

-Apparently, I am Hermione Granger.

-Expectations vs reality of being a writer. Ha.

-Abandoned mansions are both fascinating and hella creepy.

-I'm not a fan of Nicolas Cage, but I am a fan of memes. So this page makes me happy.

-Awesome nail art is awesome.

-There is a BUNNY ISLAND. I want to go to there.

-I also want to go to all of the theres on this page. Nature porn!

-And now architecture porn! Victorian houses, le swoon.

-I don't know whether I like drunk Amy Poehler better than sober Amy Poehler. I do know both are amazing. I want her to play with my hair.

-This YouTuber talks about the perks of being blind and it's both hilarious and touching.

-This story of a dog rescuing a kitten may cause your heart to explode from the adorable.

-ROFLZOO is my new go-to when I need a smile.

-This YouTube channel of celeb face mashups is both brilliant and super disturbing.


  1. As always a brilliant list! Thank you!

  2. I so love abandoned mansions (and most abandoned places)- they have such a beautiful and mysterious (and uber creepy) atmosphere and I am quite obsessed. Now to look at all those other amazing links! *My hair will by like Daenerys Targaryen's soon*

    1. Abandoned places in general are beautiful and eerie, aren't they?
      Good luck with the Daenerys hair :D