Saturday 7 September 2013

Friday Link Dump on a Saturday: Casting News, Andrew Garfield's Lips and a Book Tour of NYC

I wish I had an awesome excuse for not posting this yesterday, like I was out partying with the rich and fabulous, but no... I crashed on the lounge pretty early, like the 70-year-old I am inside. So here are some links for your Saturday...

-It's the Federal Election in Australia today. This could end really badly or really, really badly. As Jacob Coote said, we need to vote to keep the worst party out. Here's hoping it happens. (YouTube)

-This is what it would look like if Game of Thrones was a romcom. Spoiler: It's hilarious. (YouTube)

-The booklover's guide to NYC. (BuzzFeed)

-Adam has been cast in If I Stay. He could work. (IMDB)

-From the person who created the Ryan Gosling colouring in book, comes one dedicated to beefcakes. I want. (Amazon)

-Andrew Garfield's Lips is my new favourite Tumblr. (Tumblr)

-Asshole Disney is my second new favourite Tumblr. (Tumblr)

-Here's what 22 celebs looked like when they were young. Some were surprisingly hot and others surprisingly not. (So Bad So Good)

-This mini That Thing You Do reunion is more awesome than I ever could have imagined. (BuzzFeed)

-Move over Public Shaming, it's all about Selfies in Serious Places. (Tumblr)

-This collection of vintage yearbook quotes is pretty great. People were sassy back in the day. (BuzzFeed)

-The woman behind I Fucking Love Science on Facebook has created a YouTube channel. Making science fun! (YouTube)

-Cookie Monster + Tom Hiddleston = Squeegasm. (YouTube)

-Hot men. So many hot men. (BuzzFeed)


  1. Adam isn't bad, but I was expecting him to be more stunning. He fits though.

    1. Yeah he doesn't float my boat, but he does fit the part I think. And who knows, by the time he's done up as Adam and acting the part he may be totally hot.

  2. Ahh yes, the election that I have nothing to do with because I can't vote. Though I'm interested in what the result is! I just finished listening to If I Stay today and I went on a mini rant as I couldn't find an audio for Where She Went *rage* but yeah... he fits but not exactly what I had in mind.

    Thanks for sharing, Belle! <33

    1. Ah I love Where She Went! I liked it even more than If I Stay. Totally agree, he wasn't what I pictured, but it's not bad.