Wednesday 26 March 2014

Bookish Buys: A Bookmark For Every Mood

Tiffany-style bookmark

Alpaca bookmark

Golden snitch bookmark

TARDIS bookmark

Sherlock bookmarks

Dog bookmark 
Teabag bookmark 
Vintage-style bookmark

Letterpress bookmark

Hand-painted bookmark

Elephant bookmark

Cake bookmark

Dinosaur bookmark

David Tennant bookmark

Heart bookmark

Author bookmarks

Up bookmarks

Golconda bookmark

The Hobbit bookmark

Antler bookmark

Adventure Time bookmark


  1. Cute!! I need more bookmarks. I personally don't like heavy or bulky ones though soI guess I'm picky. I love the first one you have up there, it's SO pretty. Also the dinosaur one is silly and awesome!

  2. So cute! I love the Sherlock ones and that pretty elephant. Bookmarks are so useless in my life though, I have so many on my shelves but I always end up using a receipt or piece of paper instead!

  3. The tea one is adorable! And the antlers are gorgeous but I'd worry they'd snap. And the ones from Up! are so cute!

  4. *grabby hands*

    I want them all! The tea one is especially awesome, though.

  5. So many wants. This post gave me a heart attack, because I need these for reasons.