Tuesday 21 June 2011

Bookish Buys: Reading Meets Tech

I'm loving these bookish cases - too bad I don't have any of these techie products (well, except an iPod). It might be a good excuse to move into the 21st century with my tech items. Then again, maybe I'll just curl up with a real dusty old book.

iPad case from Infmetry

eReader holder from Conduit Press

iPod case from Pad and Quill

MacBook case from Pad and Quill

I though this sticker was super clever, and perfect for those whose Twilove can't be contained to the computer screen...
From Top Apple Decal 

And how cute are these Harry Potter Lego usbs? I want a Ron.

From Nando Kommando


  1. Great post!
    I'm currently saving for an ipad, its so useful for traveling instead of carrying heaps of heavy books, I do still love touching and holding a book in my hands but its great for reading at night (no need for book light).
    I have an iphone and sync it with my kindle app from Amazon and read books like that as well which is handy.
    I'm loving the harry potter usb's i have to say the Ron one is very adorable.

  2. Great cases and holders!

    Oh wow love the Harry Potter USB's!
    I might have to do a post on them, if you don't mind?

  3. @abbey - Thanks! I'm yet to give in to eReaders/iPads, but I think if I try one I'll get addicted.

    @Lu - I don't mind at all! :)

  4. Thanks for an interesting post! I love those bookish covers for e-readers! Will be stopping by now that I am a new follower, Rae
    Best O' Books

  5. Hi Rae! Thanks for stopping by and following :-)

  6. I love the techie stuff. I wonder if they have something for the Kindle.
    New follower - found your link on Book Blogs.

  7. Those Harry Potter USBs are awesome! Love the bookish electronic cases too, very cool :)

  8. Ahh! Love those LEGO keychains. And that book cover one, I've always wanted to get for myself. But you are very bad for tempting me even more, Belle! I might get them because of this post. Haha

  9. Those are so cute. I want that first case for my comp. :)

  10. @Lauren B - thanks for stopping by. I'm pretty sure they do have cases that fit kindles if you check out those stores :)

    @YA Book Queen - Aren't they awesome?!

    @Jillian - Er, sorry about that! I'm trying to resist temptation myself so thought I'd share it around, hehe.

    @Melissa - It's almost enough to make me want to get an iPad! Almost. ;)

  11. OK the Harry Potter USBs have got to be the coolest thing I have ever seen :)