Tuesday 28 June 2011

Pash, Pick or Pass: Sookie's Harem

In honour of True Blood returning to TV this week, the contenders for Pash, Pick or Pass will be selected from amongst Sookie Stackhouse's many admirers:

My Choices

Pash: Alcide. Why? Well...

'Nuff said.

Pick: Eric, because he's sexy, powerful, intelligent, passionate, cheeky, protective, caring and, ahem, good in bed:

Pass: Bill, because I hate him so freaking much. He's manipulative, selfish and whiney. In the first book/season of the show, I actually really liked him, but as both versions of the series progressed he just got more and more douchey and waaay less attractive:

Want to play?
Go here if you want more info on Pash, Pick or Pass. Join in by sharing who out of Bill, Eric and Alcide you'd: 1) pash and dash; 2) pick for a long-term relationship; and 3) pass on altogether. Create your own post (linking back to this one) and share the direct link here, or simply comment below with your choices!


  1. haha i love pash, pick and pass such a great idea!
    i have to agree with you on passing Bill, to be honest i never really liked him but he annoys the hell out of me now.
    i've always liked Eric hes so cheeky and evil in a good way.
    i watched the first episode of the new season yesterday and it was so good, i think its going to have the best one liners, like Pam calling jessicas boyfriend a tree, always makes me giggle.
    greaaat post!

  2. I could stare at Alcide's abs all day. And I just love Eric, love. So I agree with your picks 100%!

  3. Thanks Abbey! I'm so jealous you've watched the new episode, I'm getting a bit antsy coz I haven't had the chance yet ;)

    Lauren, doesn't he just have a beautiful body? I hope we get to see plenty of his abs this season.

  4. I'm with you, Belle. It was a tough call between Alcide and Eric, but Eric wins by a fang. And maybe we could sneak over to Alcide's house when Eric is sleeping?

  5. Haha I like your style ;)

  6. My favourite new game YAY! I would pash Eric, pick Alcide (I mean look at the picture) and pass on Bill. I never liked him.

  7. hello! I'm a new follower! just saw you at book blogs, care to check out my blog??

    the YA Bookworm

  8. Nic - Excellent choices, yay! Thanks for playing :)

    Gabby - Hi! Thanks for stopping by. :)

  9. Great post. I am a new follower and would love it you would visit and follow my blog. Thanks. Donna


  10. I agree with you Belle. Eric is sex on wheels, but sex on wheels you want to keep around.

  11. Sex on wheels you want to chain to the bed! Or is that just me?! Awkward...

  12. You have NO idea how happy I am that someone dislikes Bill as much as I do. He is the master manipulator and I just can't take all his bitching. Hookah, please!

    As for my pash, I'd go with Eric. I think the fact that I just drooled on my keyboard says all there is to say about him. I'd totally pick Alcide. He's not dead, for one. He's a man and a dog ipso facto making him your best friend AND boyfriend all at the same time! Awww!

  13. Bill makes me want to do bad things, but not in a good way. You make a good point about Alcide! hehe

  14. Belle,

    I completely agree with your picks! I want to bash Bill in the head and have always loved Eric (in the books and the series). This season with Eric is amazing!

    Great blog!