Monday 12 September 2011

Mag Monday: Hot Legs, Sparkles and Amazingness

The Hot Legs: Reese Witherspoon, who is usually adorable, is looking all sexy in the October issue of US Marie Claire. She is one hot mama.

The Sparkles: I looove this Diane Kruger cover for US In Style. Mainly because I love sparkly things. But I'm also partial to her because she's dating Pacey Witter.

The Amazingness: Seventeen magazine have, for the first time ever, put a reader on the cover - or half of it at least. Taylor Lautner also covers the October issue, and not having seen the magazine in the flesh gloss, I'm not sure how this works - whether they're two separate editions, it's a gate-fold cover, or Zoe, the reader, is on an inside cover. I'm assuming it's the latter considering the lack of coverlines with Zoe's shot. Still, it looks gorgeous, and kudos to them for giving her the spotlight - she's the winner of their "Pretty Amazing" competition, which is apt. Apparently, the 19-year-old was homeless for part of her childhood, but at 14 she set up her own business to sell clothes she designed, earning enough money to help put herself through college. Yeah, I'd say that's pretty amazing.


  1. I haven't seen Reese Witherspoon like that before! She's usually like a sweetheart! But this is a nice change too : )

  2. Sparkles!!! Ahem, Reese looks very pretty, too :) Zoe's story is very amazing. Good for her!