Thursday 1 September 2011

August in Review

Although the speed with which the year is flying by kinda freaks me out, I can't say I'm sad to see the back of August. It's not my fave month, and of course its end means spring is here! Of course, Mother Nature celebrated by making today even colder than the last few days of winter, but still - it's SPRING!

I read and reviewed...
I swooned over...
I featured reading icons...
I wanted to buy...
Magazines I loved...
Other fun stuff: I discovered the hilarious Tumblr Beel's Diareh; Listed my top five places to read as well as my top five 90s sports movies over at Children of the 90s; Defended Disney princesses at The Uniblog and had Crystal stop by to continue her series on Batman.

How was your August?


  1. Yay City of Bones! I just love that series:) I look forward to seeing what you think Belle! And The Last Unicorn, is that the cartoon one? I absolutely love that movie!

  2. Doooood,

    I totally need to make a Books I Should Have Read By Now list. TMI would be at the top...followed by VA. :(

    Great month, B. Thanks for all the swoon worthy posts.

  3. I love monthly wrap-up posts so I need to do one sometime. =) City of Bones is amazing. So glad you finally read it. =D

  4. August was a busy month! I love the feeling off marking a book off "books I should have read by now list" :)