Monday, 5 September 2011

Mag Monday: Lily, Donald and Ita

I am totally girl crushing on Lily Collins at the moment. She is just so gorgeous, seems really sweet and is making some great choices in her budding film career. I love this photoshoot she's done for ASOS magazine (almost as much as I love ASOS, which is apparently getting an Australian branch soon, woo!). The mag also has profiles on Simon Bird (hilarious) and Jim Sturgess (adorable), but I was most excited (sad, I know) to see an ad for the West End musical production of Ghost - I hope it comes to Australia! There's also a cute interview with Lily herself in the mag. Love, love, love her...

Another girl crush of mine is the amazing Ita Buttrose, who, at age 69, is looking freaking awesome on the cover of The Australian Women's Weekly this month. The Weekly isn't a mag I read regularly (in fact, I think I've maybe read it in full once), but I'm keen to pick this issue up, and not just for Ita - there are a few features that interest me, and I'm especially curious to read the interview with Daniel Morcombe's twin brother (so sad!).

On a lighter note, Donald Glover made me chuckle (as per usual) in this preppy shoot for GQ. So cute!


  1. ohh i love lily so much, i really want to see abduction with Taylor Launtner!
    Loving your mag monday posts

  2. I really want to see Abduction too! Thanks Abbey :)

  3. Love those pics of Lily Collins! Oh and Ita Buttrose too :)