Friday 14 September 2012

Bookish Links: BAMFs, Strange Art and Attacks of Cute

My poor blog has been a bit neglected lately, but I have big plans to get back into the swing of things in the next week. I have a few reviews coming (finally!) and some other fun features. In the meantime, here are some awesome things from the rest of the internet...

BAMF Girls Club
This new web series answers the question: What would happen if Hermione, Bella, Katniss, Lisbeth and Buffy lived in a house together? (Short answer: Hilarious amazingness).

Top Five Trashiest Teen Reads
The Vine lists what they deem as the trashiest novels for teens. Take out Sweet Valley High (I somehow missed that boat) and you have my whole childhood, basically. Thanks to Shirley Marr (who is now on Twitter!) for the link.

Speaking of Shirley, she's written this wonderful post about Operation Christmas Child. Check it out.

How to become a famous author
Warning: not actually how to become a famous author.

How to deconstruct a novel
Tips on analysing books to improve your own writing

56 Broken Kindle Screens
This project exhibiting broken Kindle screens is strangely beautiful... I still wouldn't want my new preciousss to break though.

Famous authors' school photos
So, Jack Kerouac was kind of a fox. Just sayin'.

There is a Pride and Prejudice board game
There is a PRIDE AND PREJUDICE BOARD GAME. Can you tell I'm excited?

The Stormdancer book trailer is great
I'm not usually a fan of book trailers, but this one is pretty awesomesauce.

Non-bookish (but still fun) links

Puberty is embarrassing for penguins, too

DIY Nutella. Including white chocolate. Want. Now.

Attack of the cute

Alcohol under a microscope is purdy

Someone needs to make this Captain Planet movie happen

Random YouTube clip of the week


  1. What a cute video. He thinks it's a game. How funny. Thank goodness he doesn't shred the mail. One death shake is ok. ;)

    BAMF is so funnnny! I lovvved Buffy and Katniss. Bella = hysterical.

    Nancy Drew on the trashy list? Noooo! ;)
    Man I use to lovvve Sweet Valley High.
    Those were my trashy treasures growing up.

    P&P the game? How cutee!

    Oh and darling btw the link to the broken screens has a few extra characters. ;)

    FAB post.

    1. Thanks Juju!
      The ladies who make BAMF are spot-on in their impressions. I love it!
      I thought that about Nancy Drew too - how is it trashy? Then I remembered Claudia Kishi's parents disapproving of her reading them in the BSC books. Maybe some people do think they're trashy?
      I'm kinda sad I missed out on the SVH thing growing up.

  2. OMG, I'm glad I'm not the only one who wants to see that Captain Planet fanmade video become a reality! As a writer, I really found the link to How To Deconstruct A Novel super helpful. Great job, lady! And I'm super excited to hear you're back in the game. I feel like I've been going through some Belle withdrawl this week.

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