Monday 17 September 2012

Mag Monday: Who, September 24

I was pretty excited to pick up this issue of Who because it features two of my favourite things - a Best & Worst Dressed special and a celebrity wedding.

The spread of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynold's wedding (after less than a year together!) was fun, with lots of description from "sources" and some shots of the estate where they wed. It looks absolutely gorgeous. Unfortunately, there are no shots of the apparently "beaming" couple - Martha Stewart nabbed exclusive first rights to those, which I was surprised about, considering all the secrecy of Ryan's first wedding to Scarlett Johansson. I guess Blake loves the publicity more. They make a cute couple, but is it jaded of me to think their marriage won't last more than a year?

As for the style special, I gotta say I was a tad disappointed. Nothing really stood out as particularly amazing. Or even particularly bad. Maybe the likes of Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj have eliminated the shock value of crazy fashion. It's just the norm now. But here are my thoughts on Who's picks for best and worst dressed...

Top Ten Best Dressed
1. Blake Lively. I'm actually really surprised to see Blake at number one. She does have good style, but definitely not the best. I guess it doesn't help that every time I look at her I just think of Boobs Legsly, thanks to Go Fug Yourself. 
2. Diane Kruger. A natural choice; she's absolutely stunning and is always well groomed. I wasn't convinced by the pictures chosen, though - I feel like she's done better.
3.Charlize Theron. Meh.
4. Gwyneth Paltrow. I can see why she made the list. Say what you will about Goop - she takes risks and always looks good.
5. Kate Middleton. Should have been number one, IMHO.
6. Miranda Kerr. Of course.
7. Emma Stone. I absolutely adore Emma, but I don't know if she deserves to be in this list. Her style is a bit hit and miss.
8. Sarah Jessica Parker. I used to love her, but I have zero interest in her or what she wears these days.
9. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. She is beautiful, but I don't think she's well-known enough to warrant her place here. I have no idea what her style is actually like aside from the few pictures on the page.
10. Angelina Jolie. Ugh. I'm a hater so I'm probably not the best judge. OK, she does dress well, if a little boring. 

Top 10 Worst Dressed
1. Nicki Minaj. Surprise, surprise.
2. Snooki. C'mon, that's too easy.
3. Paris Hilton. Oh, she's still around?
4. Madonna. Yeah, her outfits have been pretty atrocious lately.
5. Coco Austin. At first I was like, who? Then I realised it was Ice-T's wife. Yeah...
6. Helena Bonham Carter. I love her, so I'm completely biased. She is a bit of a hot mess, but I admire the way she has fun and doesn't give a frig what other people think of her.
7. Jessie J. I gotta agree with this. It's like she tries to be edgy but... no. Just, no.
8. Katy Perry.  Yep, she tries way too hard.
9. Lindsey Lohan. Unfortunately her style is the least of her worries.
10. Florence Welch. Oh no you di-in't. Florence is awesome and can dress how she wants. The end.

The rest of the issue is more flick-worthy than anything. By the time all the style pages are over you're on to the reviews section, and the magazine is finished before you know it.


  1. Your commentary is the best.
    I loved, "Oh, is she still around?"

  2. For starters, amazeballs commentary. It definitely had me snickering. I thought I was the only one who didn't put much stock in Blake & Ryan's relationship. Isn't she a little young for him? ::shrugs:: As for the best dressed list, I totally adore Emma Stone, Diane Kruger, Kate Middleton, Miranda Kerr. These ladies all share a timeless sense of style and have class (which is most important). I don't get why Florence Welch made the worst dressed list though. Just because she doesn't have a traditional sense of style doesn't mean she can't be fashion forward all the same! Boo!

    1. Thank you Nikki! I think she's like 12 years younger than him. It just seems so strange given how recently he divorced ScarJo. I dunno... I do love Ryan though.

  3. Love this! "Charlize Theron: Meh" make me laugh out all. Also, couldn't agree more with you about Florence. She's amazing.