Monday 24 September 2012

Mag Monday: Flaunt Magazine

Three reasons I want need to get my hands on the new issue of Flaunt magazine:

1. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is on the cover and in a gorgeous spread. Every day he inches closer to Ryan Gosling crush status (helped along by things like this).

2. Kit Harington, swooooooooooooooooooon. 

3. Rashida Jones looking smokin' and talking about intellectual sexuality, whatever that is.


  1. I've been a HUGE fan of Joseph Gordon-Levitt since I saw him in 500 Days of Summer. He's such a talented actor and all around funny guy! And OMG, his SNL monologue... don't even get me started.

    I heart Rashida Jones. She's gorgeous and so smart. Her spread in Flaunt is simply stunning!

  2. Rashida Jones looks stunning in that spread! They make her so dowdy in Parks and Rec that I completely forget what a knock-out she actually is!

    Have you seen the footage of JGL on Saturday Night Live spoofing Magic Mike? It's...good! :)