Thursday 4 October 2012

Bookish Buys: Happy Banned Books Week!

Tote from Ban Book Banners
Button from Point Blank Progressive
Tee from Bookmans
Tote from Bibliogifts
Tee from Admin
Tee from Stupid Lamb Designs 
Bracelet from ALA
Earrings from The Book Life
Earrings from Designs by Annette
Magnets by Tippy Tumble


  1. I want, like, all of those things.

  2. +JMJ+

    I love the Ray Bradbury earrings! <3

  3. I LOVE the Bookman's T-shirt. Perfect. I may need to buy that. Great stuff you've posted here, thanks! :)

  4. I'm so happy to see the whole banned books awareness going on this week. It's really refreshing! Also, great picks, Belle. I would totally jive with any of those tote bags... actually...::whips out credit card::

    Please excuse me. I have some purchases to make! :)

  5. I want book magnets! I want an entire fridge covered with magnets of my favorite books. Yes, please.

  6. These are just TOO cute!! I want them all.

  7. I adore that 'Freadom' t-shirt! Really gorgeous.

    Also, those book magnets are brilliant.

    You're so bad for my bank account, Miss Belle.