Saturday, 27 October 2012

Bookish Buys: Halloween Puppehs

I was going to make this post about literary costumes in honour of Halloween, but then I thought - you know what would be more awesome/hilarious? DOGS IN COSTUMES. And here we are. The poor dogs - some of them look like they need a pint of dog beer after the trauma and humiliation of being forced to wear these things...

Harry Pawter from Gypsy Eyes Clothing
Thing One/Two from Little Dog Fashion
Frankendog from Paws Point
Queen of Hearts from Paws Point
Little Red Riding Hood from Down Under Dog Designs
Dracula from Down Under Dog Designs
Sherlock Holmes from Down Under Dog Designs
Snow White from The California Chi
Robin Hood from Dog in a Fez


  1. Dracula-pug looks happy. All the rest of them? Not so much...

  2. I looooooove it.
    We dressed Baby Whimsy up as Princess Leia this year and I'm totally bummed that we couldn't afford to make the dogs match (Darth and Yoda).