Friday, 5 October 2012

Friday Link Dump: Banned Books, Cute Animals and Zac Efron

A very talented teenager created these cool covers for Hogwarts textbooks. Kids these days...

This collection of photographs of the real-life people who inspired famous literary characters is fascinating. My favourite is the "real" Dorian Gray. He is very pretty.

Read famous authors' responses to their books being banned. It will make you smile and/or clap.

Did you know you can get Game of Thrones cons? They're pretty ugly. Much cuter merch can be found here. Ahem.
This piece on hate blogs is really fascinating, especially in light of recent book blogging dramz.

Everyone needs some Daily Animals in their life. Especially because, according to Science, looking at baby animals boosts your productivity. And makes your heart burst with squee. This website has taken the idea and run with it. You get a new cute kitteh picture for every hundred words you write. They should totally make a Ryan Gosling version. Forget Nanowrimo, I'd get that shit done in a day.

This genie IS a web genius. He guessed every single person I was thinking of. It's like he was IN MY MIND.

I'm totally addicted to making sound buttons. Here's one I prepared earlier.

This is what happens if you try to visit Dawson's actual creek. Eek.

This piece on Jezebel about a real-life baby beauty pageant experience is simultaneously hilarious and horrifying. Much like Toddlers and Tiaras, but more self-aware.

This real-life anime girl is kind of mind-blowing. Not necessarily in a good way.

This is the prettiest cheesecake I have ever seen. Mmm, cheesecake...
YouTube Clip of the Week
So adorable. Elmo ain't bad either.



  1. Mad cool Chucks

    That is the prettiest cheesecake ever.

    DUDE the Genie guessed right on mine too!!! :) How fun!

  2. Wow. The Dawson's Creek property owner is CRAY. I understand trespassing is illegal, but what is the difference between pointing a gun at someone and just saying "Get off my lawn, you are not welcome here or I call the cops." The gun is unnecessary and I don't think it's legal to just threaten people like that, is it? Depends on the state I guess.

    1. I wouldn't think so... it's definitely not nice, anyway! Eek.

  3. thanks for sharing..

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