Tuesday 1 January 2013

2013 Challenges, Here I Come...

I didn't do so well with the ridonkulous amount of challenges I signed up for last year. So this year I'm keeping it simple and only doing four.

Aussie Author Challenge 2013 
Hosted by Booklover Book Reviews, I've participated in this challenge twice before and actually did really well last year, so I'm keen to have another crack. I'm aiming for "Fair Dinkum" level, which requires you to:
- Read and review 12 books by Australian Authors.
- Ensure at least 4 of the authors are male, at least 4 of the authors are female and at least 4 of the authors are new to you
- Ensure at least 2 of the books are non-fiction and at least 4 fiction genres are represented amongst your 12 titles.
Balanced and diverse reading is the objective here.

Australian Women Writers Challenge 2013

With its very own dedicated website, this is a great challenge that I completed last year and am looking forward to doing again this year. Last year I aimed for three different authors and ended up reading 14 books by eight different Australian women writers. This year I'm going to aim for the highest level - "Franklin", which is to read at least 10 books by Australian women writers and review at least six.

Embarrassment of Riches TBR Reading Challenge 2013
Hosted by Planet Pooks, the aim of this challenge is to knock some books off the TBR pile - i.e. books I already own. I'm going for Gold level - aiming to read 36 TBR books between Jan 1 and Dec 31 2013.

Goodreads 2013 Reading Challenge

Last year I challenged myself on Goodreads to read 100 books. Unfortunately I only made it to 51. This year, after much deliberation, I've decided to aim a little lower, but still improve on last year's total - so I'm going for 75 books. Fingers crossed I can reach it!


  1. I totally failed at my ONE challenge, so I'm not doing one this year. Good luck in your challenges. You can do it! :)

  2. Great to have you back with us for another year of the Aussie Author Challenge Belle!

  3. You really had a lot of challenges last year. I had planned to maybe do that tbr-pile challenge but then I counted the unread books on my shelf and realized there weren't even that many, haha. Anyway, good luck with your challenges for 2013!

    1. I have over 200! Enough to keep me going for a few years at least. Eek!

  4. Good luck this year :)

    Last year I did quite a few (though not as many as you!) but this year I'm limiting it to three, not including the standard GR challenge. I just hate feeling obligated to read a certain kind of book. That feels like homework and so my brain naturally rebels.

    I really want to read more Aussie writers. Their books aren't very easy to come by here, though, so I'm limited in my choices. But some of the best books come out of Australia! You're holding out on us.

    1. Ha. Have you tried fishpond.com.au? I think a lot of Americans on GR use that for Aussie books, I haven't used it much myself though.

    2. I think that the international link is fishpondworld.com.

      Good luck with your challenges. I have simplified mine a lot too.

  5. Kudos on all the Aussie challenges! I really should try to do one of them myself - maybe next year.

    I'm just doing to one this year (aside from the Goodreads one) because the second it's a challenge read I struggle to work up any enthusiasm for it.

    1. I enjoy them - I never used to read a lot of Aussie books but with the challenges I focus on them more, and there's a lot of great ones out there!
      I know what you mean, I felt that last year with too many challenges, they became a chore. Hopefully this year they'll just be fun :)