Friday 25 January 2013

Friday Link Dump: Bookish Board Games and Shirtless Vampires

Here are ten literary board games you know you want to play.
How well do you know the chests of The Vampire Diaries boys? I got seven out of nine right, which is just not good enough. Clearly I need to study them some more.

The new publicity images for season six of Mad Men are gorgeous. I still need to catch up on season five!

Love these vintage photos of Australian beach life and Paris fun. 

I need to eat make this Milo cheesecake. It looks amazing.

Here are some very creative (and cute) photos of Stormtrooper lego. 

On this blog
I introduced a new feature!
I reviewed The Woman in Black by Susan Hill.
I found some gorgeous typewriter-inspired products.
I talked about how addictive it is to DNF.
One of the top search terms was "Alexander Skarsgard huge cock." Unfortunately, I don't have the answer to that, but I do have this gif...



  1. Interesting search term to lead to your blog and ZOMG MILO CHEESECAKE!

  2. Is that Liam Neeson on the cover for The Name of the Rose board game?

    Don't tell me if it's not.

  3. I would love The Christmas Carol board game. What fun!

    Those pictures of Paris are so wonderful and timeless.

    OMG I can't wait to show that Stormtrooper set to my hubs.

  4. I did not do well on that quiz. I only got 5 out of 9. I am embarrassed. I am also shocked over the boyish look of Michael Trevino's chest. I HOPE that is a bad photo. LOL.