Friday 3 May 2013

Friday Link Dump: Game of Thrones, and more Game of Thrones

-This book blogger asked his two-year-old to judge books by their covers. And it was awesome. (101 Books)

-This artist created colour charts out of the content of classic novels and the outcome is super pretty. (Flavorwire)

-One talented guy in the Sydney Uni bell tower played the Game of Thrones theme song and it was brilliant. (Pedestrian)

-These two sites poking fun of Game of Thrones are my new favourite Tumblrs. (Tumblr)

-Here is Jack Gleeson being quite charming and friendly and decidedly un-Joffrey like. (YouTube)

-This is what historical figures would look like today. (The Telegraph)

-What do you get when you ask Redditors the creepiest thing their kids have said to them? A lot of creepy and even more hilarious comments. (Reddit)

-I'm pretty sure this video is the reason the Internet was invented. (YouTube)

-Be prepared to be turned to goo. (Buzzfeed)


  1. The cat shark video is one of the strangest things on the internet. Why doesn't it jump off? Where'd they get that costume? Why is there also a duck?

    1. Ha! That's the best part, the cat's just sitting there giving zero f*cks.

  2. All of these links were pure gold! Thank you!

  3. Ha! What a cute 2 year old. Clever post.

    OMG I love the historical figures post. Wow. Cooooool.

    1. You can do that with Baby Whimsy soon!