Friday 31 May 2013

Friday Link Dump: Death, Fonts And The Best GIFs Ever

-Markus Zusak reveals why he used Death as a narrator in The Book Thief. (Tumblr)

-BuzzFeed compiled some of the best book-related memes in 25 signs you're addicted to reading, plus revealed what you can do with all those books you're done reading. So many cute crafts, so many books sacrificed. (BuzzFeed)

-This is kinda old but I just discovered it - College Humor's Font Conference, where Times New Roman is boss, as he should be. Meanwhile this is their version of a horror movie, Sims style. (YouTube)

-The stories behind the most gorgeous gem stones of all time are quite fascinating. (NY Mag)

-Yearbook Yourself is the most fun I've had all week. Ahem. (Yearbook Yourself)

-Internet pros reveal their favourite GIFs. I have so many I love, but if I had to choose a fave it would probably be this slightly NSFW one. (Refinery 29)

-This adorable dog doesn't realise his size. (Reddit)

-I love this montage of awesome dance scenes from movies. (YouTube)

-You will not be able to get through this post without trying to tickle your screen. And you won't be able to get through this post without squeeing at least twice. (BuzzFeed)

-I love Flavorwire's response to the obsession with Portia de Rossi's face in the latest season of Arrested Development. I also looooove this compilation of famous authors' annotations in classic novels. (Flavorwire)


  1. Hi Belle, just popped along from Goodreads. I love your little animations.

  2. I wanted to send you a message too, but you're not accepting messages on Goodreads and there are no contact details here. I have a paperback copy of double award winner 'You Can't Shatter Me'that you can give away here it you'd like. Let me know if you're interested. You can check it out here.

  3. Thanks for the cuteness shared here-love seeing adorable puppies/kitties/etc.