Friday 25 October 2013

Friday Link Dump: Bookish Cocktails, Instagram Paraodies And Tom Hanks Being Tom Hanks

-Shameless self promotion: I joined BuzzFeed recently and have written a few posts if, you know, you want to check them out... There's History According to Tumblr, 100 Parks and Recreation GIFs, 21 Signs You're Anne Shirley, 25 Times Disney Face Characters Were Adorable, 10 Australian Celebs Before They Were Famous, and The 39 Stages of Being a Bride. (BuzzFeed)

-Closer to home (as in, this blog), I'm getting caught up on book reviews and wrote three this week for books I loved: Stardust by Neil Gaiman and Six Impossible Things and Wildlife by Fiona Wood. (This blog!)

-Reynje from Wordchasing did an awesome post about the Melbourne locations seen in Six Impossible Things, which author Fiona Wood expanded on. (Wordchasing,

-Find book recommendations similar to what you've read and liked on Go Book Yourself. (Tumblr)

-I would like many of these bookish things in my home. (BuzzFeed)

-And I would like many of these bookish cocktails in my belly. (BuzzFeed)

-Apparently they are remaking Little Women and this could be really bad. (Crushable)

-Jamie Dornan, a.k.a. the incredibly hot Huntsman from Once Upon a Time has been cast as Christian Grey. Which makes me actually want to see the movie. Oh god. (Hypable)

-Here are some web series that will appeal to fans of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, apparently. (Hypable)

-Pitchfork Review Generator: in case you need inspiration for your snark. (Pitchfork Review Generator)

-I love Hocus Pocus and I was very happy to find out I am Winifred. Which Sanderson sister are you? (BuzzFeed)

-This artist has been doing drawings of Disney characters dressed up as other pop culture icons and it's awesome. (Tumblr)

-Hot guys of history. Oh yeah. (Tumblr)

-MamaMia Spoilers is my new fave Twitter. (Twitter)

-I am in awe of this Deadspin writer's ability to monitor 10 screens at once and get work done and wow. My eyes hurt just looking at a picture of his set up. (The NY Times)

-Here are some people that are already winning at Halloween. (Junkee)

-10 reasons why TV is better than film right now. I kinda have to agree - I watch waaay more TV shows than movies these days coz the latter just haven't been as good. (The Guardian)

-I'm loving these two Instagram parody accounts: Satiregram and Thisisrealstagram. (Instagram)

-Salted caramel is the best. Make ALL the recipes. (BuzzFeed)

-Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock playing chopsticks on a big (or, er, Big) piano is my favourite thing ever. Followed closely by Sandra Bullock rapping. (YouTube)

-I am super excited to watch The Grand Budapest Hotel. It looks so fun. (YouTube)


  1. Ahhhh Belle I love your Anne Shirley creation!!! Made. My. Day.

  2. I got Winnifred too. We're awesome. Also, I've been reading some of your Buzzfeed articles. You're doing great! Salted caramel everything is the best in the world. Gelato, Frappaccino, etc. Gimme!

  3. Thanks for the shout out! :) And love the BuzzFeed work too! Also, how good is MamaMia Spoilers.. love it.