Friday 11 October 2013

Friday Link Dump: Librarian Shaming, Dogs vs Cats and Norman Reedus

-The above gif melted my brain so I had to share it so it could melt yours.

-25 famous movies you might not realise were based on books. (BuzzFeed)

-Librarian Shaming is my new favourite kind of shaming. (Tumblr)

-This is a pretty fair and accurate summary of the Goodreads drama of late. (Salon)

-Today is International Day of the Girl Child and you should totally watch Jon Stewart's interview with Malala Yousafzai because she is probably the best human alive right now. (YouTube)

-Bill Murray does what he wants and it's brilliant. (Tumblr)

-This is what it would look like if Disney princesses were reality TV stars. (BuzzFeed)

-Which Disney Villain are you? Apparently I am Jafar. (BuzzFeed)

-Norman Reedus looks gorgeous in GQ. (GQ)

-This list of Aussie TV shows from the 90s is pretty much what my childhood looked like. (BuzzFeed)

-Dogs vs Cats. Dogs win. (BuzzFeed)

-This is my new favourite meme. (BuzzFeed)

-This week I learned that there is such a thing as penis beaker and I laughed a lot. (BuzzFeed)

-Popcorn Salted Caramel Icecream, get in my belleh. (Spicy Icecream)

-Brides Throwing Cats is the best Tumblr of the week. (Tumblr)

-Jimmy Kimmel has done another round of celebs reading mean tweets about themselves. It never gets old. (YouTube)


  1. Your links are always hilarious, Belle :) Perfect weekend reading. Although my flatmate is wondering why I keep snort-laughing. (Penis-beaker's fault.)

  2. Apparently I'm the Evil Queen from Snow White-I was trying for Maleficent...oh well.

  3. I'm Jafar as well! I disagree with this. I'm not an old ugly man. :D

  4. I knew most of those movies were based on books and OH MY GOD I'D FORGOTTEN ALL ABOUT THAT TOASTER MOVIE! That was such a trip :D