Tuesday 12 April 2011

Bookish Buys: I'm a Stationery Nerd

Confession: I'm slightly addicted to stationery. But I use it every day, so I figure it's a relatively healthy habit.

Notebooks are a particular favourite of mine, and at the moment I'm in love with these vintage/French/Austen-inspired moleskin journals from Mulberry Muse. I nabbed myself the Emma notebook as well as "Keep Calm and Drink Tea". So sweet!


I also adore these upcycled Golden Book notebooks from This Handmade Life. I had a bajillion Golden Books when I was little (my book obsession started early!), so these get bonus points for nostalgia. My fave is The Saggy Baggy Elephant!

Bouncing Ball Creations has a cute range of pens and pencils, wrapped in assorted book pages. I'm tossing up between Peter Pan pens and pencils wrapped in definitions of my favourite words. I guess I could always use both...



  1. Aw, I loved the Poky Little Puppy :) I'm a little obsessed with pretty notebooks too, but I never know what to use them for. I don't think I have anything worthy enough to write in them.

  2. "Keep Calm and Drink Tea"...That's so cute! That would make the perfect graphic-tee for me...I'm kind of obsessed with all thing having to do with tea-cups and tea :S

  3. @Small Review - Luckily I have to take notes every day at work, so I do have a use for them - but I acquire them much faster than I can get through them! I figure I'll use them eventually. That's my justification, anyway. :)

    @Sarah - I am, too! I have a little collection of teacups and teapots going, I'm turning into my grandmother hehe

  4. *runs to buy a Pokey Little Puppy notebook*