Wednesday, 13 April 2011

My Book Boyfriend: Henry Lazar

Wednesday is fast becoming my fave day of the week, mostly thanks to My Book Boyfriend, a weekly meme hosted by The Unread Reader, all about fictional boys who make us swoon. This week my book boyfriend is Henry Lazar from Red Riding Hood - because he deserves so much better than lame Valerie who'd rather swoon over lame Peter.

About Henry
  • He's a blacksmith and works for the family business. This means he spends a lot of time dirty, sweaty, hot and shirtless. 
  • He's the only rich boy in town - ka-ching! Wait, I mean... money doesn't matter. Yes, yes, that's it. Ahem.
  • He's totally in love with Valerie, so his dad arranges for him to be betrothed to her. Too bad lame Valerie has other lame ideas. Luckily for her, Henry isn't lame and doesn't force her to stick with the betrothal. He's nice like that.
  • Henry is also super sweet and does everything he can to help, support and care for lame Valerie - even after she's really lame to him.
  • Valerie is lame PURELY because she prefers lame Peter over awesome, amazing, adorable Henry. Peter is lame coz he's not Henry.
  • When I read the book, I pictured Ben Barnes as Henry, but after watching the movie, I think Max Irons is great. In fact, I'm kinda totally obsessed with him now.
Swoon-worthy quotes

"For a long while, Henry, his body half-bare as he threw vicious sparks, did not realise she was there... One of the fiery specks spat out of the forge and landed on his arm, searing his flesh. Punishing himself, he did not stop to remove it until finally, with one quick motion, he gestured violently toward the door. 'Valerie, leave,' he snarled. 'I don't want you to see me like this.'"

"She jerked against her bonds in surprise when she heard a voice close behind her. 'I'm going to get you out of here.' Even in the chaos, she knew it was Henry. But he was different. The power of his intensity, the feverishness of his concentration, frightened her... As he leaned in close, all Valerie could see, filling the eyeholes of her mask, were his brown eyes, glimmering in the flames. Sharply intelligent. Burning.'"
"Valerie looked back - and screamed, seeing the silver bolt flying straight and true, the one that was meant for her, meant to end her life... Instead, she was jolted aside, and with a thwap, the bolt lodged itself in Henry's side. He'd taken it for her... 'Go, Valerie. Go.' He shoved her with his good arm."
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  1. I haven't watched the movie yet! But he does look very swoon-worthy!!
    Great boyfriend!:P

  2. Max Iron is yummy! I can't wait to watch the movie. Great pick :)

  3. I love your comment that his job keeps him sweaty and shirtless!


  4. How perfect is it that Max Irons played a blacksmith?

    I haven't read the book or watched the movie yet, but I can't Val would rather swoon over some lame guy when Henry is willing to die for her. Gah!

  5. Oooh...I love Henry (and Max!) I don't even feel that bad drooling over him because he is only 3 years younger than me! hehe!

  6. This is a really cute meme! I've never heard of this before but loving it! I'd pick Henry over Peter any day if it was Max who was playing Henry.

  7. For those who haven't seen the movie yet, I definitely recommend it - I loved it! Especially because of Max. He's gorgeous! The fact that Valerie prefers Peter is a major flaw, I think. The book I wasn't a massive fan of, but it didn't help that the final chapter wasn't included (it was put online after the movie was released). Ah, well, at least it gave me Henry! ;)