Friday 31 August 2012

Bookish Links: First Editions, Giffingate, Fanfic and Hiddles

Source: Gifs of Hiddles

First editions of classic books
Flavorwire has rounded up images of the first editions of famous books like The Great Gatsby, The Lord of the Rings, Lolita and Ulysses. Imagine owning one of those babies...

Giffingate in the news
The Atlantic picked up the story of Emily Giffin's online meltdown. It feels like there's a new hissy fit every day lately, it's getting very tiring...

Bookish art
Thomas Allen's series "Beautiful Evidence" has some amazing pieces of bookish art.

10 authors who write fanfic
The Daily Dot profiles 10 published authors who have written (or still write) fanfic. I was intrigued by this list until I saw many were just pulled-to-publish examples, like E. L. James. Cassandra Clare also makes the list, but unfortunately they've left out the fact that The Mortal Instruments series is itself based on fanfic.

First look at the new Carrie
EW has featured the first images of the upcoming Carrie remake/adaptation. It looks good - but I love both Chloe Grace Moretz and Julianne Moore. Apparently, the new movie stays much more faithful to the book than the original. I haven't read it - but I plan to soon.

Non-bookish, but still fun:

Guys in suits (Best. Tumblr. EVER.)

Tom Hiddleston Gifs

Pinterest, You're Drunk

Malls in the 90s

YouTube clip of the week:


  1. SO disappointed in EG's behavior. I am SO glad it's getting some press.

    Awwww you made me miss the 80s and 90s

  2. I tried to read an Emily Giffin novel a few years ago and couldn't even get through it... so I'm kind of glad she's getting all the bad press now. I feel a little justified in DNF-ing that book now.

  3. Oh and the video is ADORABLE.

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  5. Tom Hiddleston gifs are the greatest gift the internet has ever given us. Have you seen this one? It''s amazing.

    1. yes! And I totally reblogged it :D

    2. If there was a single image that could completely destroy my life it's that one. It's hypnotising!

  6. hi, hi! I'm late seeing this post, but I just wanted to respond to your claim that The Mortal Instruments is based on fanfiction. It's not; it's an entirely original story. While it definitely uses tropes similar to HP and Buffy, and her characters bear a strong resemblance to those in the Draco Trilogy, the plot of City of Bones and sequels is 100% original. The title "Mortal Instruments" is a title CC previously used for a Ron/Ginny fic she wrote. City of Bones recycles notable passages she previously wrote in Draco Veritas. But while these give the novel undeniable ties to fandom, that still doesn't make it "based-on" fanfic.

    (As a reporter, I would never feel comfortable perpetuating that lie about this series when there are so many lies, misconceptions, and half-truths floating around along with the actual, known facts of CC's history of plagiarism.)

    Aja (author of the Daily Dot article)

    1. And actually, your claim that "many" of the items on the list are just "pulled to publish" fanfic isn't true? The only P2P item on the list is E.L. James. None of the other examples remotely fall into that category, unless you count the rumor that Temeraire started out as an idea for a Master and Commander slashfic, which seems a stretch!

    2. Really? I would say the fact that the characters "bear a strong resemblance to" the Draco trilogy, and the fact that passages are directly copied from that trilogy, gives TMI a base in that fanfiction. That, and The Mortal Instruments is basically a rejig of the Harry Potter story. So no, I wouldn't call it "entirely original" any more than I would call 50 Shades of Grey original.

      As for my P2P remark, I apologise about that, I can't remember why I had that impression but looking again there is only a couple listed not "many".

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