Thursday 7 July 2011

Bookish Buys: Bookmark It!

Do you use bookmarks? I've only recently gotten into the habit - for years I've used whatever was available (bus tickets, receipts, etc) or just folded the page over (I KNOW). But there are much prettier ways to mark pages...

Bronze bookmarks from Life in Colors

Bookmark pack from Leeloo

Fingerprint bookmark from Fred Flare

Magnetic pointer from Garden of Goodies

Set of three from Mimi and Lola

White Rabbit from Firefly Hollow

Emily Bronte silhouette from Anna Humphries Art

Page percher from Mrs. Kwitty's Cottage


  1. I LOVE these ...especially the bronze flower. I have to say though, the fingerprint one is genius! No more wondering where you left off when you fall asleep and the book hits you in the face. :)

    Jessica @

  2. I use what ever is available because when i use bookmarks I loose them...LOL

  3. I love the Leelo one and the Mrs. Kwitty's Cottage.

  4. Gorgeous! Especially the bronze flower.

  5. I love bookmarks. I could never force myself to fold over a page to keep my place. :D My sister in law bought me a very cool one. It has a round Fleur delis at the top and my initial, 'M' at the bottom and just a silk cord between the two to lay on the page. Fits all size books, so it is pretty and practical.
    Good post. :D

  6. I LOVE BOOKMARKS. I have a small collection but don't use them in fear I'll lose or misplace them. Totally weird, right?

    Tip: Don't use metal bookmarks. They slip out far too easily. I couldn't tell you the amount of time I lost a page because the dang thing fell out. They're pretty, but they're meant for looking, not bookmarking.

  7. ooh, these are adorable! I too use whatever is handiest but these are much cuter!

  8. Beautiful bookmarks! My favourite is the White Rabbit one :)

  9. Those are cute bookmarks! I just use a normal cardboard HP one. It seems less damaging to the book lol

  10. Cool collection of bookmarks! I usually just take an index card to use as a bookmark.

  11. I've tried using real bookmarks, but I always revert to using whatever is close by. =/ These are awesome, though!

  12. I need to start using book marks more. If it's not in my MMPB cover, then I usually use what is available. :P Love those that you have shown here!

  13. hahaha! I totally used whatever was available for a long time too. Now I actually have bookmarks. It's weird. The Page Percher is adorable. I want one!

    ♥ Trish
    Just a YA Girl

  14. I LOVE bookmarks. I am a bookmark hoarder ;) My mum bends the pages back on book *shiver* that is why I don't let her borrow any of my book - they are my babies hehe


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