Monday 18 July 2011

Mag Monday: Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone in EW

Holy amazeballs, you guys, I am SO excited for The Amazing Spider-Man. When the new film was first announced, I was kinda like, "Already?! Didn't they just make Spider-Man?! I feel so old." But now I'm just excited. I LOVE Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield already, so a movie with both of them in it will pull me in, anyway. But how great do they look together?! And how great does Andrew fill out the Spidey suit?! I just want to squeeze that butt... you know, just to confirm that the suit works and is, like, protective and stuff. Yeah, that's it.



  1. Wow! Usually I know about the spidey change and I've been clueless. I'm going to have to talk to my friend who always keeps me appraised of such things. :)

  2. The last picture has definitely gotten me on board with this reboot and made me hate Emma Stone as a blond less (she just looks so great as a redhead!)

  3. DUDE I KNOW. OMG. ANDREW GARFIELD. I am watching this in theatres just for him, and Emma Stone is gorgeous as well! Talk about shallow xDD When i saw these pictures i'm lik... *jaw drops*

  4. ahhh i cant wait!
    I love andrew garfield a lot and I have a major girl crush on Emma Stone, shes so funny and gorgeous.
    I love that last picture, its so sweet.
    The superhero/cartoon remakes are so good lately. I'm also excited for Captin America :)

  5. Melissa - Well I'm a bit obsessed with Andrew Garfield so I've been stalking his every move haha.

    Bookworm - I know, she suits blonde (it's her natural colour), but she really ROCKS as a redhead ;)

    Audrey - I know, right?! Though I like Spiderman too :D

    Abbey - Me too! I love me some superheroes!

  6. Gawd what a nice bottom and such a gorgeous face. The pervenator is very happy LOL :)

  7. Haha well then my work here is done ;)

  8. Oh wow! I had no idea they were thinking about doing that! I love Emma Stone!! So excited for this! Thanks for sharing :)

  9. I'm going to get rocks hurled at me for even saying this... but he looks like someone crossed Spider-Man with Sonic the Hedhehog. He looks AWFUL! I didn't like Tobey Maguire, but he seems moderately better in comparison.

    I can deal with Emma Stone, I suppose. Grudgingly!

    Now whose parade shall I rain on next? Eeep. Sorry about my rant, I have a slight sub-interest in Marvel that I manage to keep hidden until the films rear their ugly heads...

  10. *hurls rocks* Noooo, he looks gorgeous, what are you talking about?!
    I've never read the comics so I've got nothing to compare it to though. But my friend who is a fan is excited about the reboot, he says they're doing it "properly" this time with the web slingers and all... if that helps?