Tuesday 12 July 2011

Pash, Pick or Pass: Hogwarts Edition

In honour of the end of the Harry Potter movies (*tear*), this week's Pash, Pick or Pass is Hogwarts-themed, complete with two rounds of contenders. To play, all you have to do is create your own post (linking back to this one) stating who out of each trio you'd pash, who you'd pick for a relationship and who you'd pass on altogether. Then share your post in the linky and check out how everyone else divided their affections! P.S. If you can't create your own post, play in the comments!

Round One: Gryffindor's Greats - Ron, Harry and Neville

My Choices

Pash: Neville. Because the boy is looking rather dashing these days, but the prospect of spending the rest of my life discussing plants isn't particularly exciting.

Pick: Ron. Look, I'm not gonna lie - as much as I love gingers, I don't really find Ron appealing (it doesn't help that Rupert doesn't appear to be washing lately). But hey, at least he'd make me laugh.

Pass: Harry. I love him as a character and he's sweet and all, but not someone I can really see as relationship (or pash) material. At all.

Round Two: Slytherin's Stars - Voldemort, Snape and Malfoy

My Choices

Pash: Voldemort. I know, those teeth are nasty, but I'd just close my eyes and think of Tom Riddle.

Pick: Snape. Despite his snarky exterior, the man sure knows how to love - and is long overdue for some affection. How great would he be as a boyfriend?! Plus with his potions skillz I'm sure he'd be a good cook (don't ask me why everything always goes back to food with me. I have a sick mind).

Pass: Malfoy. Ugh, I hate Malfoy. He's a whiny, unattractive little Daddy's boy. PASS.

Who would you pash, pick and pass?

Next Week: Stay tuned to play Pash, Pick or Pass old-school style, with three of my fave Austen heroes - Darcy, Knightley and Wentworth.


  1. This feature is so cute! Can't believe I've missed so many weeks already. You are brave for picking Voldermont to Pash, LOL

  2. I love this! i have to say i do have a thing for ron.
    i cant wait to see ron and hermonie together in the final movie.
    i always thought neville was cute but i have to say i would probably pash both harry and neville and then pick ron ;)
    and i have to agree that poor snape needs some love.
    great post!

  3. Ewww, Voldemort's teeth are too gross. But, ah, Tom Riddle on the other hand. Why couldn't HE be an option? :D So hot.

    I'd kiss Harry and Draco, marry Snape and Ron, and kill Voldemort and Neville.

    Oh, and everything goes back to food for me too :)

  4. I can't really answer this weeks since I haven't read the book. Although looking at that picture I am pretty sure I wouldn't want to kiss Voldemort! EEK!

  5. Haha, see, that's how much I hate Malfoy ;-)

  6. +JMJ+

    This is fun! =D It's too bad there aren't hotties in each House!

    But can't I pash whom I'd pick? I'm for Neville and Snape all the way! =P

  7. Check out this video my friend shared. I was in tears of laughter :) http://www.mtv.com/videos/movies/671803/american-talk-2-with-the-potter-cast.jhtml#id=1644133

  8. haha love your answers. And I'm pretty sure Snape would be great at cooking too. And I agree about Matthew. He's grown into one handsome man

  9. Mimi - I can't watch it coz I'm in Australia, boo! Hate region restrictions.

  10. Pash - Ron I dunno he is too much of a whiner to pick.

    Pick - Neville, a guy who doesn't know how hot he is, plus he would let me call the shots.

    Pass - Harry, also the whine factor.

    Pash - Malfoy I guess. He would be my bitch.

    Pick - Snape. I would be his bitch.

    Pass - Voldemort, he is a bitch.

  11. Nice! Ron and Harry ARE a little whiney, and I like your categorisation of Slytherin's bitchiness.

  12. SNAPE!! Well I see you do use a linky, so can we participate? :)

  13. Most definitely! I'd love that - I didn't use a linky this week because there weren't many links in the last one but I'm happy for people to leave links in the comments and if people are interested I'll definitely bring the linky back :D

  14. I think I completely agree with you on all counts in both rounds.

    Neville is a TOTAL pash cause let's face it... he kicked some serious ass in the end. I've always been a Ron fan --- I think I have what they call "plucky comic relief syndrome." Harry is great and all.... but yeah, I dig a guy who can make me laugh.

    Isn't there always something a little exciting about the Bad Boy (er, man)? Snape is just witty and sarcastic. I envision us playing "dueling banjos," only with our wit. Yeah! And Malfoy needs to stop looking so constipated. Seriously. What's up with that sneer all the time!?