Friday 29 July 2011

Bookish Fun: Battle of the Snow Whites

It seems that the powers that be in Hollywood have decided vampires are, like, so 2010 and have moved on... to fairy tales. We've already seen new versions of Red Riding Hood and Beauty and the Beast (in the Vanessa Hudgens vehicle Beastly), but it looks as though Snow White is really where it's at. Because they're making not one but TWO versions of it at the moment - and they both look kind of awesome.

Sorry, Snowie, you're old news.

Film 1: The Brothers Grimm: Snow White (working title). According to the studio Relativity Media, it will be "a spectacular reimagining of the classic fairy tale - an evil queen steals control of a kingdom, and an exiled princess enlists the help of seven resourceful rebels to win back her birthright in a spirited adventure comedy filled with jealousy, romance, and betrayal that will capture the imagination of audiences the world over." There's even a love triangle - between the evil queen, the innocent princess and, of course, the handsome prince.
The date: Release is currently set at March 16, 2012.
The stars: Lily Collins (Phil's daughter) will play Snow White, while the prince who captures her heart will be played by none other than my Gatsby, Armie Hammer - who you might recognise as the Winklevii from The Social Network. Julia Roberts, meanwhile, will get to use her grin for the greater evil as the queen, and Sean Bean will be her king.
The sneak peek: So far, only a shot of Lily as Snow White has been released. She looks very pretty, and very much the fairy tale princess.

Film 2: Snow White and the Huntsman, which IMDb says is "a twist to the fairy tale - the huntsman ordered to take Snow White into the woods to be killed winds up becoming her protector and mentor in a quest to vanquish the evil queen."
The date: US release is set for June 1, 2012.
The stars: Kristen Stewart tackles this version of Snow White, while the titular huntsman will be played by Aussie spunk and Thor star Chris Hemsworth. Charlize Theron will play the evil queen, and Sam Clafin of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides fame will represent the prince - looking decidedly more creepy than handsome here.
The sneak peek: Here's a glimpse of all the key players, which suggests that despite being based on the same story, this will be a very different film to the Collins version.

I'm excited for both films - they both seem to have great casts and unique takes on the tale. The fact that I'm not a fan of Kristen's acting makes me lean towards the first version, but then I also dislike Julia Roberts. But judging from the tidbits of the stories that have been released, the latter film does intrigue me a little more. What do you think?


  1. I wouldn't mind seeing the one with Kristen Stewart.

  2. Ohh...glad to know what is coming up. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I'm with you... I want to see both, but there's something about Kristen and Julia that bothers me. I'll probably go see the one with Kristen in theaters thought. I feel like it's one of those that needs to be seen on the big screen.
    Btw, your blog layout! What's that header font? Love it! Can't wait to start following!

    xo Amanda

  4. I love the sound of both but I would definitely agree the last one is slightly enticing me more :)

  5. Hi Amanda! I'm not sure what the font is called, I used a free template from this site:

  6. Snow White > Vampires
    Vampires < Everything else in the entire world.

    Don't knock it!

    I'm more interested in the first one because the second doesn't really seem like a Snow White story at all. Don't get me wrong, I'll probably end up seeing both, but still.

  7. Actually, having read the post more closely... Kristen Stewart? No thank you!

  8. Yeah I'm not a fan of her acting, but I do love Charlize and Chris...

  9. Well, out of pure curiosity I'll see both.

  10. The second one is definitely on my list (action and the cast both add points) but after reading a bit more about the first one I'm tempted to add it as well.
    So many great posts in a row, you've got yourself a new follower!

  11. Thanks for the lovely comment, Olga! :-)