Monday 11 July 2011

Mag Monday: Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake Cover Elle

I have a massive girl crush on Mila Kunis. So, even though Friends with Benefits is basically the same movie as No Strings Attached (and that wasn't particularly good), I'm still kinda excited to see it. Actually, more than kinda excited after seeing Mila and JT in the August issue of Elle.

ELLE:  Playing friends with benefits, what was your costar most self-conscious about while shooting the nude scenes?
MK:  [To Justin]You’ve got a fine ass. I was self-conscious about a lot of things. Show me one girl who isn’t.
JT:  I’ll be honest and say, like, I’m still trying to get into the editing room and cut down on my ass time. I’m like, “Oh my God, my mom’s gonna see that!”

ELLE:  Most annoying thing your costar did on set?
JT:  She would serenade me, all of us, in the makeup trailer—
MK:  I can’t sing.
JT:  Couldn’t carry a tune if I put it in a bucket for her. It’s awesome, though, because she does not give a shit.


  1. AH.
    i am super hesitant to watch this movie (because I actually really loved NSA)- but now I want to see this. Those pics are haaaaawt. :)

    thanks <3

  2. i'm pretty sure i won't really like this movie but... how can i resist? :P

  3. Al - So HOT!

    Audrey - I can't. Especially now that I know Emma Stone makes a cameo. Two of my girl crushes in one movie - sold.

  4. Love this photos. Can't wait for Friends With Benefits :)

  5. What fun photos! Looks like they have good chemistry!