Wednesday 13 July 2011

My Book Boyfriend: Mr Thornton

My Book Boyfriend, hosted by Missie at The Unread Reader, is an awesome meme highlighting the many fictional boys who make us swoon. This week I'm drooling over the dashing Mr Thornton from Elizabeth Gaskell's North and South.

Why Thornton Rocks (My Knickers Socks)
  • He owns a mill in Milton, a fictionalised version of ye olde Manchester. This means he's rich, but he uses his money to take care of his widowed mother and younger sister. 
  • He's practical, honest and cares about people, despite his sometimes hard and stern demeanor and position as "master".
  • He had to leave school to work and support his family when his father committed suicide after losing all their money. If that doesn't tug at your heart, how about the fact that he's doing everything he can now to read and learn, as an adult? He just wants to be seen as a gentleman (especially in Margaret's eyes).
  • Don't let the stiff collar fool you - it contains a hella passionate man whose devotion to the woman he loves is unwavering. Even when she's a total biatch to him. 
  • He's played to perfection by Richard Armitage in the 2004 TV adaptation.
Swoon-worthy Quotes (Spoiler Alert!)

"He shook hands with Margaret. He knew it was the first time their hands had met, though she was perfectly unconscious of the fact."

"He could not forget the touch of her arms around his neck, impatiently felt as it had been at the time; but now the recollection of her clinging defense of him, seemed to thrill him through and through—to melt away every resolution, all power of self-control, as if it were wax before a fire."

"'I choose to believe that I owe my very life to you - ay - smile, and think it an exaggeration if you will. I believe it, because it adds a value to that life to think - oh, Miss Hale!' continued he, lowering his voice to such a tender intensity of passion that she shivered and trembled before him, ' think that I owe it to one... whom I love, as I do not believe man ever loved woman before.' He held her hand tight in his. He panted as he listened for what should come."
Photos don't do Thornton justice, though - especially as played by Richard Armitage, coz dayum his voice makes me swoon. Pass the smelling salts!



  1. I loved Richard Armitage in North and South I have it on DVD. The last scene on the station gets me everytime!

    My book boyfriend

  2. Belle! I feel so lucky. On your recommendation, I looked to see if North and South was available to watch on instant play through Netflix and it is!!!

    I guess I know what I'll be watching tonight. I'm sure I'll have no problem falling in swoon with Mr. Thornton.

    How beautiful is that last picture?! I love it.

  3. for an older guy, he sure is smokin'!! Kinda reminds me of Hugh Jackman :)

    ps. thanks for stopping by earlier! I totally thought the same thing when I watched Monte Carlo :)haha!

  4. I'm going to have to watch this film! I never saw it nor read the book. I love your description of him. Oh yes... very swoon worthy indeed!!

  5. OMG I LOVE NORTH AND SOUTH!! I never though I'd ever hear about anyone else liking it though! And I love Thornton too! Ahhh! Belle! I so totally love you right now! I still can't believe you've seen/read North and South!!

  6. My keeper shelf - Yes! The hand kiss! And when he tells her she can speak for herself, and when he says "you're coming home with me?" And OMG it's all so swoon.

    Missie - I'm so excited, you have to let me know what you think! It's one of my faves, I hope you like it too. :)

    Diana - Now that you mention it I can see a bit of Hugh Jackman in there. :D

    Melissa - It's up there with Pride and Prejudice for me! Both the book and the mini-series are awesome :)

    Andra - YAY! I love it and tell everyone I can about it haha :D

  7. *SWOON* I love that last picture!! I just finished another book were the heroine would always do that to the hero, cradle his face in her hands GAH! I love that gesture!

    I've never read it or seen the show - completely feel like I'm missing out! Hello Netflix.

  8. What book is that Jess?! Sounds like one worth reading ;)

  9. Wahhhh! Om nom! He sounds amazing. And I LOVE LOVE Richard Armitage! Good choice.

  10. I haven't read the book yet but I'm a huge Austen fan and the series was suggested to me by netflix last month. I have watched it 5 times already and I must confess that Armitage has moved Firth's Darcy to second place in my rankin of heartthrobs. If you like him you should watch the BBC series Robin Hood. He is the villian there, but he makes you like him anyway. It must be his deep, chocolate, mesmerizing voice.
    On a different note, I have discovered your blog today and I loved it! I'm a teacher/ aspiring writer and I have truly enjoyed reading your blog! I'll be coming back soon! :)

  11. Hi Bloggablegirl - the book is great! Yes, I loved Robin Hood until the end of the second season when they strayed way too far from the legend for my liking. I refuse to watch it without Maid Marian ;)
    So glad you like my blog! Thanks for stopping by :)