Saturday 6 August 2011

Reading Icons: Joan Fontaine

Joan Fontaine played some super famous literary characters during her career - including Jane Eyre opposite Orson Welles' Rochester in the 1943 adaptation of Jane Eyre, and Mrs de Winter opposite Laurence Olivier's Maxim in 1940's Rebecca. I love watching her.


  1. I loved her in Rebecca but I don't think I've seen her in any other movies. Pretty sad, huh?

  2. I swear i was meant to live in the past, the 1950's possibly (aside from the oppresion of women) the clothes, makeup and hairstyles were gorgeous.
    Joan Fontaine is so sophisticated.

  3. Jenny - That's probably her most famous role. I actually really love her in The Women, it was one of her first roles but she's so endearing in it.

    Abbey - I feel the same way! Love the style, one of the reasons I'm obsessed with Mad Men ;-)

  4. She was perfect in Rebecca --- and Laurence Olivier was a beautiful Maxim. Good choice!