Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Pash, Pick or Pass: The Princess Bride's Men

The Contenders
This week we're playing with characters from one of the best books ever (and, also, best movies), The Princess Bride. Westley and Inigo were obvious choices, but I had a hard time deciding who should round out the trio. I went with Humperdinck in the end because he's the only other (kinda) contender for Buttercup's heart. So, presenting you with this week's options:

Prince "Please consider me as an alternative to suicide" Humperdinck

Inigo "You killed my father, prepare to die" Montoya

Westley "As You Wish" Farm Boy-turned-Dread Pirate Roberts

My Choices

Pash: Inigo. He's a passionate Spaniard, so woohoo for that, but his daddy issues prevent him from being a keeper.

Pick: Westley. No surprise there, I know - I bang on about the boy enough. He's pretty much the perfect guy, and deserves so much better than dumb Buttercup (namely me).

Pass: Humperdick. He's pompous, rude, evil and has really weird hair. Edit: Reading over this, I realised I left out the "n" in Humperdinck. But it works for me, so I'm leaving it.

Who would you pash, pick and pass out of these pretties (or, uh, not-so-pretties)? Feel free to create your own post and leave the link in the comments, or just answer directly below!

Related: I'm currently giving away a copy of The Princess Bride! I swear, I did not pick this theme today because of this - I only realised afterwards. I'm just that obsessed with The Princess Bride.

Next Time: A random selection of romantics - Etienne St Clair, Adam Wilde and Noah Calhoun. It's going to be a tough week.


  1. hahaha, oh I like your little Freudian slip there with Humperdick :P So appropriate and I would DEFINITELY be passing on him. Actually, I am in 100% agreement with you. Looks like we'll have to work out a schedule to share Westley. Can I get him on his Dread Pirate Roberts days?

  2. Totally excusable to make that kind of slip. Anyone could have. :)

    I love the movie, I remember first seeing it in class when I was in 7th grade. And one of my fav. moments was when the priest first starts. Mawwiage bwings us together today.

    Great stuff

    Lydia @ Sensual Ride

  3. I am going to confess that I haven't read the book or seen the movie :( But based on the pics and your description I'm going to agree with you 100% :)

  4. Small Review - Look, I'm not much of a sharer but I have to say I like your offer, because I'm a fan of Westley's pretty head and prefer him without the Roberts mask. ;)

    Lonewolf - The priest is hilarious. I think my fave scene is probably Miracle Max.

    Lan - Oh dear. You haven't lived until you've seen/read The Princess Bride. ;)

  5. Haha, of course I agree with you on this one Belle it seems like the most logical course. Though to play devil's advocate maybe some hot hate sex with Humperdinck would make him a pash? Probably not though.

  6. I agree with all your choices. I love the slip up with prince arrogant!

  7. I'm with you on the choices. I always say that Westley is the answer to "What do women want?". But come on, you really don't want him in the mask? At least once in a while?

  8. Completely agree! Who would want to touch someone with the name Humperdick.

    Can't wait for next weeks picks :)

  9. you should definitely turn this into some sort of meme. I LOVE THIS :)haha! ohhh Westley.... <3

  10. Crystal - Hmmm I appreciate you considering the other side... but yeah, I think Humderdinck would be a dud. ;)

    Jenny - It suits him, doesn't it?

    Jennifer - He totally is. I guess the mask would be good on occasion, but he's SO PRETTY.

    Nic - haha it sounds a bit like a bad porn star name, right?

    Diana - Yay! You're more than welcome to do a post and link in the comments. Maybe I should put a linky back in next week...

  11. Totally agree with your choices. I'd have to be pretty dumb to pass on marrying a man who lives to do as I wish! ;)

    P.S. I'm scared of next week. I might avoid it because I wouldn't be able to pass on any of them.

  12. Ok, it's a deal :) Westley does have a pretty head, but the sword/pirate thing gets me every time.

  13. Oh man, I love this column! I plan on putting it on my own blog (linking back to yours, of course). It's too fun to pass up! Okay so here are my choices for this week (the pash & pick were tough):

    Pash: Westley as the "Dread Pirate Roberts." He's a swashbuckling good time and adventurous so I have no doubt he'd make for a great pash. I think Westley is a little "too" perfect for my taste, if you know what I mean.

    Pick: Inigo. He's a softey at heart and Spanish men make my heart swoon. After he gets his revenge, he's going to need someone to fill that void and I'd be quite happy to oblige.

    Pass: Humperdick. (You had it right the first time).

  14. Thanks Nikki! You totally can - there's a linky on this week's post if you want to put yours in :) I like that you picked Inigo, very interesting!