Wednesday, 24 August 2011

My Book Boyfriend: Prince Lir

My Book Boyfriend is hosted by Missie at The Unread Reader. It's all about fictional boys who make us swoon. This week my BB is Prince Lir from The Last Unicorn by Peter S. Beagle. He starts out as a bit of a "marshmallow" - sweet and soft - but love transforms him into a hero; slaying dragons, defeating dark knights, and sacrificing everything to save his sweetheart. He's pretty lovely. I pictured him looking a lot like Max Irons, who I'm slightly obsessed with right now.

Swoon-Worthy Quotes

"Marveling at his own boldness, he said softly, 'I would enter your sleep if I could, and guard you there, and slay the thing that hounds you, as I would if it had the courage to face me in fair daylight. But I cannot come in unless you dream of me.'"
"'You were the one who taught me,' he said. 'I never looked at you without seeing the sweetness of the way the world goes together, or without sorrow for its spoiling. I became a hero to serve you, and all that is like you. Also to find some way of starting a conversation.'"

"'Unicorn, mermaid, lamia, sorceress, Gorgon - no name you give her would surprise me, or frighten me. I love whom I love.'
'That's a very nice sentiment,' Schmendrick said. 'But when I change her back into her true self, so that she may do battle with the Red Bull and free her people-'
'I love whom I love,' Prince Lir repeated firmly. 'You have no power over anything that matters.'"


  1. I love this book! Haven't read it in ages. Definitely time for a re-read.

  2. Oooh I haven't read this book, but I'm definitely intrigued now! I love Max Irons too, and if he's who you picture as Prince Lir then it definitely can't be all bad! Great pick!

  3. "I became a hero to serve you"

    *melts* Wow! Now that is a prince for sure. I didn't know The Last Unicorn was a book either, Belle. I also watched it repeatedly as a kid. LOVED it. Now, I want to snag up the book too.

    P.S. I do see the swoon worthy Max Irons on my thumbnail! No blue man, though that would have been interesting. LOL

  4. I knew it was a book, but the movie made me so sad as a child that I never picked it up. *sigh* I still love Prince Lir. I think Max Irons is the perfect pick. Besides, Belle, I want to pet this post all day, so don't mind me here. :D

    In the Closet With a Bibliophile

  5. The quotes are so touching. He is so much in love with her! Sigh..

  6. Wow, that last quote was romantic! I might have to actually read the book now instead of just remembering the movie.

  7. Oh man! I wanted to read this book... now even more! Oh man those quotes with that pensive face is purrrfect! *purrs* Yes it is! I may have to rent the movie too... Hm...

  8. Never heard of the book and I'm not familiar with the actor...but wow...the quotes totally blew me away!

  9. Holy jaw and cheekbones! I'm not familiar with The Last Unicorn. I'll have to look into it.

  10. Oh, I must reread this book. I loved it so and you've breathed new life into it for me.

  11. ~drools~ Those pictures are so pretty. I just watched Red Riding Hood so it was a lovely surprise to see him again when I opened up your post :)

    And Prince Lir sounds swoony worthy too!

  12. Ohh i love max irons very much, every since i watched red riding hood ive been on the lookout for other movies with him.
    Great quotes as well, who doesnt love a prince?