Tuesday 9 August 2011

Pash, Pick or Pass: The Hardest Week Yet

Time to play Pash, Pick or Pass (a.k.a. Date, Do or Ditch) - a weekly game I feature where we pick from a random book trio and say who we'd pash (and dash), who we'd pick for a relationship and who we'd pass on all together. I've brought back the linky this week because there was interest in it last week, so feel free to create your own posts and link up!

The Contenders
You guys, I don't know why I did this to myself. Or to you. I wanted to come up with three really great, romantic guys. I think I did. But it's not going to be easy. This week the contenders are...

Etienne St Clair from Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins (played by Tom Sturridge in my head)

Noah Calhoun from The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks (played by Ryan Gosling in the movie adaptation)

Adam Wilde from If I Stay and Where She Went by Gayle Forman (played by Darren Criss in my head)
Seriously. How do you choose out of those three?! I'm going to try...

My Choices

Pash: Etienne. All that sexual tension in Anna totally made me swoon. I'd pash the French kissin' shizz out of him.

Pick: Noah. Who could resist his lifelong devotion, grand gestures and ability to love? Not me.

Pass: This really pains me to say, but Adam. I had to whisper it so it didn't reach his ears. Nobody tell him, 'kay? Coz I still love him. His whole messed up period just makes him slightly less desirable than the other two. I mean slightly as in the slightest tiniest smidge of a bit. But still, I had to pass on someone. Uh, that hurt.

Who would you pash, pick and pass out of these three lovely romantics? No cheating (you have to pass someone. Really).

Next week: We take a trip through Wuthering Heights and choose between Heathcliff, Edgar and Hareton.


  1. *GASP* NO ADAM NOOOOOOOOO. i can't believe you!! and i don't know if i want to play... XD

    Pash Etienne
    Pass Noah, which is a travesty... i can't believe i'm doing this :'(

  2. I haven't read any of these books so it's a difficult one for me this week!

    I am going to have to go just off the pictures you've assigned:

    Pash: Etienne
    Pick: Adam (Darren Chris is a legend. Go Warblers!)
    Pass: Noah

  3. Can't believe you said no to Adam. He is a hot musician. To me they are more addictive than chocolate.

    Pash: Etienne
    Pick: Adam <3
    Pass: Noah

  4. My first visit to your adorable blog; I'm a new follower and a fellow Aussie blogger :)

    Pash: Etienne
    Pick: Noah
    Pass: Adam; (only cause Darren Chris has caterpillars for eyebrows :))

  5. Audrey - Awww, you're making me feel even guiltier now. (PS Is it weird that I actually feel like I've betrayed a fictional character? lol)

    Lan - I highly recommend Anna & If I Stay/Where She Went - as well as viewing The Notebook, if not reading it! :) It's one of the few books I think where the movie is better.

    Nic - I know, it was hard. Now I'm rethinking my choices! I haven't agonised over a decision so much since... I can't remember. lol

    Teddyree - Hi! Thanks so much for stopping by and playing, I love meeting other bloggers - especially Aussies! :) Going to check out your blog now!

  6. I pick: Noah (hotness. and obsessive ;)

    Pash: Adam.

    Pass: Etienne. okay, so I *may* have swooned over him, but he is a douche ;)

    This one was awesome <3

  7. What a crazy hard week.

    Pash: Etienne

    Pick: Noah

    Pass: Adam

    I totally agree that it pains me to make these choices. Yikes.

  8. if the world doesn't already know my feelings for Etienne St. Clair...
    PASH and PICK (over and over again): Etienne.

  9. How dare you!!!! *shakes angry fist*

    Okay, I'll have to say...
    Pash: Adam. OMG! Can you imagine what a Pashing session with him would be like! *dies*
    Pick: Noah. Really, has there ever been a better husband...in the WORLD!
    Pass: Etienne. Sorry dude, you're hot but I don't know you.

    Fun, fun, fun!

  10. Nomes - How can you say Etienne is a douche?! Oh, you mean the whole having a girlfriend and leading both her and Anna on thing? I prefer not to dwell on that. ;)

    Lisa - I seriously still feel guilty.

    Melissa - Does that mean you pass on the other two? Way harsh ;)

    Missie - I'm sorry! You're lucky you haven't met Etienne yet, it made it easier. It was very hard for me to pass on Adam, knowing him so well. :)

  11. Pash: Adam
    Pick: Noah
    Pass: Etienne. I think he's got too much of a feminine feel to him.

  12. Noah?! Yuck! Sorry but, no thanks. ;) One of these days I'm going to join you with this meme.

  13. Ice Queen - Nooo, he's all guy. Short guy, but all guy. ;)

    Jenny - Yuck to Noah?! Please explain!