Friday, 5 August 2011

Top Five: Places to Read

I'm not all that fussy about where I read. If a book is really good, I'll carry it around with me everywhere and read glimpses of it whenever I can. But like most bookish people, I have my favourite reading spots...

1. My parents' backyard. Living in an apartment, a backyard is a little luxury I love to take advantage of when I visit my mum and dad. It's especially good when the the weather is warm and I can lay next to the pool (or float around it on an airbed) with a book in hand. It's one of my fave things to do in summer.

2. Bed. There are few things more relaxing than curling up with a book in bed. In fact, it's almost too relaxing - I tend to fall asleep ten pages in, no matter what time of day it is. Which is handy when I'm actually trying to get to sleep, but kinda annoying when I just want to read. Random fact about me: I was actually reading in bed when the Fiance proposed to me.

3. The uni library. I finished uni three years ago and I miss it. I especially miss the library. There were certain little hidey holes that I'd sit in during breaks to do my work or - more often than I probably should have - read a book. Sometimes I have the temptation to take a day trip to my old uni, just so I can visit the library. Not to borrow anything; just to sit. Sad, I know.

4. The park. When the weather is nice and we're feeling organised, the Fiance and I occasionally pack a picnic and head to the park with our books in tow. I love spending days like this, sprawled out in pretty surroundings with the best company - oh, and the Fiance ain't bad either. (Jokes. He's the best). I wish I remembered to do it more often.

5. The walk home. This is kinda random, I know, but I really enjoy reading a book when I walk home from work during daylight savings in summer. It makes the time pass so much quicker and way more enjoyably than even an iPod. It's weird, but certain parts of the walk are now associated with what I was reading on certain days - like there's the corner where the Handmaid finally hooked up with the driver in The Handmaid's Tale, or the archway where Rob reconnected with Charlie in High Fidelity. I just make sure to stop when I come to a road, coz, y'know, I don't want that to become the place where I got run down.

Where do you love to read?

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  1. Love your list.
    I too adore reading in bed.

  2. I love reading in bed, there's nothing better than being under the covers with a great book:) I don't get to do it too often because the husband goes to bed earlier than I do and I don't like to keep him up with a light on. I'm a couch reader:) Almost as good, but not quite!

  3. People always flip out that I can walk and read at the same time. Like it's hard? But really, is there a better way to pass the time than that? Hardly.

  4. Juju - Glad I'm not alone :D

    Jenny - I have the same problem, so I also end up reading on the lounge a lot. It's still good!

    Missie - I know! It's not hard, especially if you know the way :D

  5. love your list! I cant believe your fiance proposed whilst you were reading... I know how I want my boyfriend to propose and it involves a book! :D

  6. Yes I was even in my pajamas, I was like, "you could have given me some warning!" It was a very nice surprise though lol

  7. Favorite place is in my bed, of course, in pajamas. But sometimes I do wish I could read in a nice summer's day at a garden somewhere or something.

    and that is so sweet how he proposed to you while you were reading :) Do you remember what book that was?

  8. Haha yes, would you believe it was Blood Promise by Richelle Mead?! I was up to a really hot Dimitri part and was slightly annoyed when he came walking towards me because he was taking me out of my book - then I realised what was happening! LOL isn't that terrible? Oh well the book was quickly forgotten after that. ;)

  9. Really great places :-) If you loved the uni library, maybe you'd like a public library too.

    The park and the garden are always nice. Reading while walking I always found rather weird to do, since I felt people gave me the "you weirdo!" eye. I had to laugh with your final sentence though, even when it's not supposed to be funny ^^

    1. People do look at you funny, but I don't care enough haha.