Thursday 1 December 2011

Bookish Buys: Let Us Eat Cake

There was a lot of cake talk on Twitter last night, as I'm trying to find someone to make a copy of my gran's wedding cake, and the lovely Stephanie from Read in a Single Sitting and Little Wed Hen kindly helped me out by putting the call out to her followers. All the cake talk got me thinking about the bookish cakes I've seen floating around the interwebz, and I thought they'd make the perfect topic for Bookish Buys. A few of these you can actually buy (just click on the link!), although a lot are only available in the US. The rest are more for inspiration/food porn. Enjoy!

Harry Potter cupcake toppers from Blissful Bites
Storybook cupcake toppers from Sweeten Your Day
The Hunger Games cupcake toppers from Death by Cupcake
Alice in Wonderland cookies from Crafted Cookies
Twilight cookies from Dani Cakes Savannah
Dr. Seuss cupcake toppers from Death by Cupcake
Vintage book wafer papers from Queen of Tarts Wafers
Caterpillar cupcake toppers from Sugared Up

Peter Rabbit cupcake topper from Konfection Kreations
The Very Hungery Caterpillar cake train by Coco Cake Cupcakes
Where the Wild Things Are cake by Coco Cake Cupcakes
Babar cake via Cake Wrecks
Twilight cake via New Moon Movie


  1. All such fun! I had little Eat Me signs in the food at my baby shower. These cookies would have been perfect.

  2. Aw these are cute!! I love the Harry Potter ones and the second one too! So adorable. I wouldn't mind having them one bit.

  3. Now I am craving Fondant and Cake...and I don't even like to eat sweets....darn you Belle...Darn you. LOL.

  4. The only problem here is that I'm not a fondant fan. And, generally, the fancier the cake design, the less I enjoy it. And what is cake, but for eating? I think I make prefer bookish jewelry--but the finds are awesome!

  5. OMG, I want them all at my next birthday! I don't care if I'll be 23 and that's to old for Dr. Seuss, and The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and Peter Rabbit, and Babar! (The Alice in Wonderland cookies are my favourite).

    Hope you find someone to re-create the cake (which is lovely btw)!