Thursday 15 December 2011

Bookish Buys: Penguin Classics

Penguin has been releasing such amazing editions of their classics lately. The Popular Penguins are fun, but these designs are on a whole 'nother level...

-The Clothbound Classics, designed by Coralie Bickford-Smith, are just stunning. I have The Hound of The Baskervilles, but I adore the rest of the collection, too. These are some of my faves:

-There's also a range of Clothbound Children's Classics, which are kinda more beautiful, if that's even possible:

-I think the Penguin Threads are my absolute faves though. The hand-stitched cover art is by Jillian Tamaki.

-In honour of World Aid's Day, Penguin recently released a few Red Classics with really cool covers:

-The Great Ideas series comes in five sets, each with a different colour theme, and they kinda need to be seen as a whole for the design to really be appreciated. But the covers are awesome on their own, too:

 -The Pocket Penguin designs are a bit more varied, but still pretty great:

-Similarly, the Deluxe Editions all have unique and striking covers:

All I have left to say is well done, Penguin! I want everything. Repeat editions and all.


  1. I know they say to never judge a book by it's cover but Penguins covers are so gorgeous, it's kinda hard not too! I bought a copy of the clothbound 'Alice in Wonderland' even though I already had a copy of the book, I just couldn't resist!

  2. I have several versions of the Clothbound Classics --- they are so simple and fun! I also really enjoy the last set of Deluxe Editions becasue they are very Tim Burton-esque (especially Pride & Prejudice). In fact, I'd totally love to see Burton do a claymation version of it!

  3. I love these covers! I hadn't realized some of the series are from Penguin Australia, though. I've found Pocket Penguins of She, Riddle of the Sands, and The Lost World in US bookstores but couldn't even find them on the Penguin US site - figured out why now. :)

  4. Everything has such fabulous covers. I want them all!!

  5. I love these books. I think Penguin is embracing the eBook generation and realizing that paper books need to offer something besides a good story.

  6. I'm a sucker for pretty editions! I have the Clothbound Classics edition of Pride and Prejudice, Jane Eyre, Alice in Wonderland and a Christmas Carol. They're just so beautiful!

    I'm getting the Deluxe Pride and Prejudice for Christmas and I have a few of the Pocket editions too.

    It's an expensive habit, haha!

  7. Yes, I agree! Well done, Penguin! I especially liek the Anne of GG cover.

  8. I am obsessed with the clothbounds-I have all of them except for the 5 that were just released. I am also working on collecting the Puffin editions.

    I love that Penguin seems to be embracing the challenge of ereaders. As books take new formats, physical books have to offer something new, and beautiful covers is the way to go!

  9. I love The Phantom of the Opera cover! That is one of my all-time favourite stories. The Pride and Prejudice cover makes me think of The Night Circus cover. They're very similar.

    Megan @ Storybook Love Affair

  10. I love all of these but especially the cupcake Anne of Green Gables cover. I totally want one for my daughter.