Monday 12 December 2011

Mag Monday: Triple Threat

I've come across three beautiful women on three gorgeous magazine covers this week. First up, W has created another stunning cover, this time featuring the ever-elegant Carey Mulligan.

Nylon, meanwhile, chose Dianna Agron to represent their '60s issue, making her look a little bit like Twiggy and a lot like perfect.

Finally, Kat Dennings fronts Bust looking more beautiful than ever. Love!


  1. Loved this post! I can't believe this is the first time for me to see your Mag Monday! :) I'll be visiting often! Thanks :)

  2. Carey Mulligan reminds me of Grace Kelly with her elegance and poise. She's so beautiful! I also really love the shoot with Kat Dennings.

  3. Dianna Agron looks stunning. I'm so happy to see her getting more attention. I really like her as an actress and think she is truly gorgeous.

  4. I love the last pic. Makes me want that ring.

  5. I barely recognized Agron! So different but always lovely. Kat Dennings I have girl crush on. She looks great there and her comedic skills are really strong on "2 Broke Girls".

  6. @Evie - Thanks! :)

    @Nikki - Yes she has that classic Hollywood air about her. Love her!

    @Lisa - She is! I love her on Glee.

    @Juju - Isn't it TDF?!

    @Yamilette - She does look different - very Twiggy! I have a total girl crush on Kat - actually, all these girls! I really want to see 2 Broke Girls.

    @Miss Kate - LOL!