Thursday, 15 November 2012

Bookish Buys: Roald Dahl Fun

I came across these Roald Dahl mugs the other day and immediately wanted to add them to my collection. Especially these ones:

The Witches


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
It made me curious about what other Roald Dahl merch was out there. Look what I found...

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory clock from Storytime Clocks

The Fantastic Mr Fox print from Castle Pop

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory magnets from Lilly Bug Boutique

Matilda pencil set from Bouncing Ball Creation

Matilda doll from The Forest Flaw

Notebook from Broken Winged Bird

"Secrets jotter" from Paper Taxi
Willy Wonka peg people from Randomly Generated

Print from Karasmle

Print from Owl You Need Is Love

Wonka necklace from Fickle Queen

Wonka bar wrapper and golden ticket from Serendipity Creative

Card from Paper Taxi
Print from The Pressing Pigeon


  1. I adore those magnets-so cute! I want to put them on my refrigerator.

  2. I think Baby Whimsy needs a Matilda and that darling poster!

  3. Those mugs and that clock are amazing! So cute.

  4. I really would love to get the Matilda mug and the Charlie one as well!! So cute!! :)

  5. Oh my stars--I LOVE those mugs! So many cute picks. I am a huge Roald Dahl fan, so this post makes me very happy. :)

    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden