Friday, 16 November 2012

Friday Link Dump: So Many Trailers! And Some Other Stuff

Stephanie Meyer hasn't ruled out more Twilight books - in fact, apparently she's already plotted out a few more focusing on Renesmee and Jacob. Ick. No word on whether the rest of The Host series is coming any time soon, but the trailer for the movie has just been released. It doesn't look amazing, except for Max Irons. Dayum.

A UK charity for abuse victims asked for donations of 50 Shades of Grey so they could use it to wipe their bums. Which is kind of hilarious. Not so hilarious is the fact that one woman is blaming the book for the disintegration of her marriage. Oh dear...

Should I read Beautiful Creatures? For some reason it's passed under my radar until recently, but now the internet is kinda exploding over the movie trailer. The cast is great but the story doesn't totally grab me from the trailer alone. Bit over paranormal romance TBH, though it's good to see the guy as the mortal for a change.

Another trailer that's making the rounds is the one for Warm Bodies. When I first heard about it I thought it was just cashing in on Twilight (with zombies) but it actually looks kinda good. The comments about R having the kind of face that could mean he's in his 20s, but could also mean he's a teenager, are particularly funny in light of the author's minor tantrum over the fact that his book isn't YA, even though it looks like it is to a lot of people.

Then there's the City of Bones trailer (what is the, Trailer Week?). I wasn't a massive fan of the book, but the movie looks pretty good. The cast looks right - even Jamie Campbell Bower. I wasn't convinced when they cast him, but judging by the trailer he does a good job as Jace.

I'm not fussed on Sookie's new "love interest" for the next season of True Blood. I guess this means they're not using Quinn, which I can't say I'm sad about. I never really liked him in the books. But ugh, enough with the faeries! Just have hot vampire sex with non-amnesiac Eric already!

Speaking of Sookie, the synopsis for the final book in Charlaine Harris' series has been released. The stuff about Eric being distant is annoying but unsurprising. I just hope they end up together in the end. Because all the other guys blow. 

The Oatmeal's latest comic on writing and content creation is both hilarious and insightful. His analogy of inspiration as a river is great, as is his advice for reading feedback and comments online (basically, it's not a good idea *cough*SPAs*cough*).

The Oxford American Dictionary has named the word of the year: GIF. Given my love of gifs, I appreciate this, but it's especially great considering the other contender was YOLO. Which I think we can all agree needs to live up to its meaning and go die.

You know how action figures/celeb dolls often look kinda fugly? This guy repaints them so they're more realistic, and they're absolutely amazing.

Will Smith still knows every word to the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air rap. And it's awesome. 

I'm pretty sure Andrew Garfield is my favourite human being right now. Watch him do 10 different dances - with no music - for charity on Ellen.

This gif set is pretty much the story of my life.

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  1. Perfect gif is perfect :) That Ellen segment was amazing!

  2. Regarding Sookie stuff, I'm kind of glad the show has deviated from the books because, honestly, the books get really boring. Although, I must admit, I'm really tired of this faerie crap. Enough already. Give me some more Alcide, dammit!

    I always maintained that Will Smith was amazing. That just proves my point.

    1. Yeah, the faerie stuff is even worse in the books. I want more Alcide on the show too, he's actually still a decent character, unlike in the books. And you can never have too much Eric!

  3. OMG Warm Bodies looks soo good. I am not thrilled with the author''s attitude regarding his book shelving, but now I think I need to read that book. The movie looks fantastic!

    Not thrilled with the Beautiful Creatures one though.

    1. I feel the same. I really didn't like his attitude about the whole YA thing, but I still want to read the book. The movie looks really funny!

    2. Warm Bodies is actually really good--it's a zombie retelling of Romeo and Juliet, which sounds horrible, but Marion's a decent writer and has a sense of humour, so it actually works. :)

    3. I did not know it was based on Romeo and Juliet! Interesting.

  4. I admit that Fifty Shades of Crap is not exactly inspirational but... to say it ruined her marriage?? lol :D

    Also... Meyer wants to plan a new story line of Jacob and Renesmee?? NOOOO !! Say not so!! Eck!!! XD

    1. Haha it's pretty ridiculous.
      I wonder if books about Jacob/Renesmee will be as popular - somehow I doubt it. I feel like there's still hardcore fans but many have moved on - or is that just me? lol

  5. I haven't read City of Bones, but I think the trailer looks pretty interesting. Maybe I'll track the books down at my library.