Friday 23 November 2012

Friday Links: Say hello to your friends...

Sad news today: prolific Australian author Bryce Courtenay has passed away. He posted a YouTube message thanking his fans a few weeks ago; it's absolutely heartbreaking.

The rest of this post is pretty silly, and there's no good way to segue, so my apologies, and here goes...

In honour of the first 20 The Baby-Sitters Club books getting released as ebooks, Ann M. Martin has named her favourites from the early series. Out of these, Boy-Crazy Stacey was totally my fave. I always liked the Claudia and Stacey books the best.

These bookish houses make me drool. My dream is to have a house with a beautiful library one day. Sigh.

Book Depository has compiled a list of the prettiest books in their collection, just in time for Christmas. I wish I had a kid to buy for so I could get some of the amazing pop-ups... or maybe I should just treat myself. Coz we all know I'm secretly nine years old at heart.

Laini Taylor gives five great writing tips, and some good advice for life, really:  "The main thing I’ve learned is that we all have to learn to work with - and appreciate - the brain we’ve been given, and not waste time wishing things were easier."

This is what season one and two of Game of Thrones would would like as old-school video games. (Spoiler: Awesome. And hilarious).

I love Robert Pattinson in interviews. He says the craziest things. He must give his publicist nightmares - or, at least, Summit's publicists. Especially with the statements he makes in this supercut of his thinly veiled disdain for the Twilight franchise. Gold.

Some sports show hosts in the US slipped an amazing amount of The Princess Bride quotes into their half-hour show, and it's the best sports show I've ever seen in my life. It's even more awesome that apparently it wasn't planned. I'm not into anything to do with sports, but I might be if they were like this all the time.

Here are the names for things that you didn't realise had names. Natiform, anyone?

True story: The Mighty Ducks totally taught me that Iceland is green and Greenland is covered in ice. Here are 32 other reasons the series rocked.

Marlon Brando sure was beautiful when he was young. Here are a bunch of photos of him, being beautiful. 

Michael Fassbender massaging Ryan Gosling = the bromance you never knew you wanted. Speaking of Ryan Gosling, click here if you want to rub his boner. Ahem.

Russell Brand interviewed two members of Westboro Baptist Church and made them look like the hateful idiots they are. Aside from being hilarious, he makes some very good, intelligent points.

Hot guys + babies = ovary explosions.

Love music history and/or pixelated gifs? This blog is for you.

YouTube Clip of the Week
Pink is amazeballs.


  1. I'm so saddened by the news of Bryce Courtenay passing away. His books have always been some of my absolute favourites, and his work ethic has always been one that I've admired. That video is devastating by the way :(

    1. I've never actually read his books, but he's definitely inspirational.

  2. Oh my gosh. That Robert Pattinson montage was hilarious. I knew he hated Twilight, I just had no idea how much. I'm glad someone put all the clips in one place. Funnily enough, I don't think he actually HAS a publicist. That's what he always says in interviews anyway. I think that may explain a lot.

    My favorite Babysitters-Club book is Claudia and the Phantom Phone Calls. I think that's #2. I'm sad it didn't get any love from the author. BOO.

    1. Claudia and the Phantom Phone Calls is a good one! And it had baby Kirsten Dunst on the original cover.