Friday 2 November 2012

Friday Link Dump: DARCY DAY, Cover Twins and Emergency Compliments

Darcy finally made an appearance on The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. I loved the video, although Darcy seems like he's got something lodged far up his bum. I guess that's appropriate at this point in the story line. I hope we get to see his soft side on video, and not just off-screen. I thought the way they incorporated this scene into the "diary" aspect was clever, and it was a good scene to bring him in on. Does this mean he'll watch all of Lizzie's videos now? Will he film a video response of his own - the modern day letter? I can't wait for the next ep. Meanwhile, Tumblr is having a collective squeegasm.

Cover twins and cousins - when books look alike, things get confusing. And a bit boring. 

This is what happens when two bloggers pair up to write about each other's greatest fears. Spoiler: It's awesome.

Looking for a UK YA book to read? Check out Readventurer's amazing wall of books. It follows their brilliant Aussie YA wall and short YA wall.

There are a crazy amount of adaptations of YA books coming out or in development at the moment.  I'm excited about The Night Circus (though it's not technically YA) and If I Stay, but really dreading The Book Thief - it's such a beautiful story, and there's so much potential to screw it up.

I freaking love it when celebs do Halloween. Chloe Grace Moretz as Bellatrix Lestrange = love! 

Then there's Celebrities in Pony Form. My Little Pony form. Genius.

Did you know Taylor Swift's whole album is basically about Jake Gyllenhaal? Except when it's about Conor Kennedy.

Sometimes, disasters can bring out the best in people. Click here to have your heart warmed.

Still having a bad day? Get an emergency compliment. 

YouTube Clip of the Week (other than Darcy Day, obvs)


  1. Why am I not watching The Lizzie Bennet Diaries already?? There's something wrong with me, clearly :)

    1. Why are you not?! It's awesome Rey, get on it!

  2. I had no idea they were making a film of The Book Thief! That could..... be interesting. I hope they do it justice but I have an uneasy feeling.

    Here's hoping.

    Also, that cover link is so interesting and kind of mortifying. If I ever got published and found out that my book shared the same picture as someone else I would be so annoyed!

    Love these links, Belle.

    ps. Cheers for the shout out, you lovely woman. ;)

    1. Yes, well it's still in development so who knows if it will even happen. Part of me wants it to, another part really hopes it doesn't.
      I think the worst part of cover double ups is when the exact same stock image is used. It just looks silly.

  3. Thanks for the link, Belle! :)

    Love the YA book walls--plenty of great stuff to check out there.

    Also, re: Hollywood costumes, I have to say that I actually kind of loved Katy Perry's (despite not ever loving anything else about Katy Perry, ever). She and a friend dressed up as Jane and Daria from the TV show Daria. Awesome.

    1. I know, Katy's outfit was awesome. Looked better and frankly less costume-y than what she normally wears.

  4. I WANT THE NEXT EPISODE NOW!!!! (I'm not sorry for yelling)

  5. Night Circus? Coool. I didn't love it as a book but I bet I will love it as a film.

    Whoaaaa so many good books getting made into movies! FABULOUS!